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Intuitive Pricing - how to price your products or services using your intuition #50

If you are an entrepreneur you know how important it is to establish a proper rate for your products or services. But did you know that so much of what you decide is a good price may be determined by deep-seeded self-worth issues you may have carried for years? So when you know it is time for you to re-evaluate your pricing and even increase it, many resist doing so for those same reasons.

However, if you tap into your intuitive resources, you may find out not only can you raise your prices with confidence, but also know exactly how much you should be charging, that is fair to both you and your customers.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*The struggle that a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs have in their businesses (1:25)

*The message your Guides want you to know about pricing for your business (3:00)

*Why money is not “the root of all evil” (4:54)

*One main factor often overlooked when trying to decide what price you should charge (6:18)

*The role fear plays in limiting your ability to know your true value (7:41)

*How pricing is affected by your need for validation (9:03)

*A mindset shift to help you understand the true source of everything that comes to you (10:00)

*Taking the fear out of any equation by asking this question (11:06)

*How to incorporate your innate intuition in deciding a new price (11:55)

*How finding your alignment will help you serve your clients better than ever (14:11)

*Why self-sacrificing is actually limiting your ability to serve (14:55)

*The practical ways the Universe answers your abundance requests (17:15)

*Why not acting on your intuitive call to raise your prices is actually going to limit your growth in more ways than just financial (18:01)

Additional Resources Mentioned in Episode 50:

For some, spirituality and money seem to be two conflicting energies. Especially when we are surrounded by ideas such as "earning" money, which leaves an unconscious money block of not deserving money. Ever noticed how money is tied into guilt, fear, and anxiety for so many people? No wonder we aren't talking about it, sometimes avoid it, or maybe even reject it all together! On this episode we discuss the energy of money and explore money and spirituality. Listen here


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