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The Power of Pause with Meredith Vaish #69

the power of pause spiritual podcast

In today's go-go-go world, where more work means, well, more work - what happens when you get so overloaded, burned out and anxious that you physically can't work? What defines your life then? That happened to our special guest this week, Meredith Vaish. And her answer was not "just work harder," but a three part system designed to help busy overworking women, learn to pause, slow down and listen to their own needs.

In this deep dive, Christina gets into the full story of Meredith's journey to self-love and how you can re-energize and recharge your life by learning to take a break and listen to your needs.

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In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*Meredith Vaish’s story of overachieving and inevitable crash 2:50

*How a rehabilitation trip to the acupuncturist lead to an epiphany 5:04

*How to recognize the warning signs you may be pushing yourself too hard and are eventually going to have a wake-up call 8:52

*The different kinds of “Pause” you can take, and one that isn’t actually effective for rejuvenating you 10:14

*How the Empath’s desire to please and be of value plays a huge role in overextending yourself, and the three P’s that turn it around 12:00

*Why perfectionism is really just control and takes you our of Universal flow 13:19

*How being stuck in old patterns of self identity can affect your body and health 16:51

*What a “Soulbatical” is and how taking one can lead to deep healing. 18:24

*How relaxing and letting go lead to an innovative business strategy, that became a business 21:57

*How making a commitment to pause, can become fuel for your creativity engine 23:41

*How you can get started with taking shortened pauses and build up to longer ones as you go 26:02

*The role spiritual awareness can play in self-awareness and releasing anxiety 32:57

*How the messages you get from your Spirit Guides are always in alignment with what is best for you (if you just listen!) 36:05

*Meredith's simple energy quiz to help you find out where you are struggling in your life, and where you need to take a break 40:51

About our guest, Meredith Vaish:

Meredith Vaish

Meredith Vaish is a recovering over-doer whose own burnout forced her to quit a 16-year career at Stanford. Upon leaving, she embarked on a year-long ‘SOULbbatical’ where she discovered that pause isn’t the absence of doing, it’s the most powerful doing there is. Now she’s on a mission to help other busy, high-achieving women break free from the overwhelm of being always-on so that they can channel their energy away from the hustle of proving, pleasing, and perfectionism into creating a life they really love. Meredith offers tools, tips, and her Energy Quiz on her website:

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