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Learning to Listen to your Body's Wisdom #64

As you learn to raise your vibration, develop your intuition and increase your energetic skills, you might notice that your physical sensitivities increase as well - just not in the way you might expect. Becoming more sensitive to the types of food you eat, not being able to tolerate processed or "heavier" foods, and a sudden dislike of polyester clothing, all point to a shift in your energetic alignment. But what do you do about it, and how can you make it a positive experience?

On this episode, we break down what is happening to your body and some insights on how to manage your sensitive body. Get 3 tips to help you better tune in to the messages your body is trying to send to you to help you continue to progress on your spiritual path.

On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*Why it seems like the more energetically sensitive you become, the more sensitive your body becomes 1:37

*Why people who do a lot of energy work seem to look younger than their physical years 2:37

*The connection between your rising energy vibration and sensitivity to certain foods, caffeine, gluten etc 3:14

*The effect on your Solar Plexus Chakra during Intuitive Development 4:55

*The influence raising your vibration has on your sleep cycle 5:33

*Why you may be suddenly drawn exclusively to all natural products 6:24

*Why you may be noticing your work pace more easily stresses you out 8:34

*How finding things more in alignment with who you truly are, can reveal all the things you have been ignoring in your life that are not in alignment 11:49

*Why you should see your body as an ally and not the enemy 14:04

*One key question you should ask yourself if you notice that you can’t seem to go beyond certain self-imposed plateaus in your life 19:02

*How to listen to your body to choose foods and products that more closely match your vibration 22:08

*How to use muscle testing to narrow down your choices when shopping 25:36

Other Resources:

How to tweak your diet to expand your energetic frequency and become more sen

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