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10 Signs your Root Chakra is blocked - Episode 5

"Normal" isn't exhaustion, low stress tolerance, or feeling like a wound up ball of yarn.

But for a lot of people it is! This state becomes the new normal. And replaces the energetic version of who they were before.

Anxiety and fatigue can be warning signs that the primary gateway to your energy is blocked. But if you miss the flashing yellow and red lights, the blockage cements itself in for the long haul.

But with awareness and understanding, and armed with the 10 warning signs that your Root Chakra is not functioning well, you can start turning your energetic foundation into a pipeline of fuel to support your healing and your goals.

Plus get the Podcast Bonus below to help you energize your Root Chakra!

The 'At a Glance Guide to your Root Chakra' is a one page Guide where you will receive:

  • Key understandings of the role of the Root Chakra,

  • body associations,

  • the Element,

  • Corresponding musical key,

  • Mantra and pronunciation to balance,

  • healing crystals,

  • essential oils,

  • foods,

  • two instant Root Chakra grounding support exercises,

  • supportive positive affirmations

Instant access here:

At a Glance guide Root chakra ep. 5
Download PDF • 113KB

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