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Is Sensitivity a Blessing or a Curse? How your Guides can help #42

If you are having trouble with your energetic sensitivity and wish you could "turn it off," you certainly are not alone. However, understanding a few key elements can turn you from running away to running toward your further development with enthusiasm!

On this episode we help you understand why your sensitivity is truly a superpower you can embrace, once you know the secret to making it work for you.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast:

*How fear stops you from progressing and blocks your intuition (2:26)

*One truth every sensitive person needs to hear to heal their wounded inner child (3:31)

*What it really says about a person when they criticize a person's sensitivity (5:21)

*Why you can't (and shouldn't want to) just “turn off” your sensitive awareness (7:06)

*How you can start the process to see your “gift” as a blessing (9:13)

*The benefits and dangers of seeking a like-minded community on the internet (11:05)

*How to shift away from overloaded to empowered by embracing the stress (13:08)

*The role your Spirit Guides play in helping your energy balance (15:50)

*One critical question you should ask your Guides right now (17:59)

*What you should do the next time you feel energetic overload in any situation (19:21)

*A fun tool to help you continue to develop your sensitivity in a healthy, productive way (21:33)


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