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Finding your Peace with the Difficult People in your Life

Navigating the winding path of Spiritual growth can seem hard enough, but add to that people who seem to be in your life for no other purpose than to make it harder. However, with a little mindset shift, you can see these people for who they actually are: teachers of the most valuable life lessons.

On this episode we break down many of the ways these people show up in your life, and give you some valuable insights you can use to help you change the way you view these otherwise challenging relationships.

In Episode #67 of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

* The Spiritual perspective when looking at difficult relationships 5:59

*Recognizing the different roles your lesson teachers can take throughout different stages in your life 7:49

*One way to tell if you have healed through a challenging relationship 9:05

*Why you shouldn’t “Shoot the messenger” when deciding how to respond to difficult people, and what you should do instead 11:19

*How to find your freedom inside the challenging dynamic 13:34

*Why you should keep asking for help from Higher Sources to guide you through the lessons 15:35

*A short mantra you can use to help relieve yourself of worry 17:15

*How, like chess, you have to release and let go so the Universe can have its turn to help 19:00

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