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Helpful Boundary Phrases for your Next Gathering #108

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Tis the season for family gatherings.... and healthy boundaries.

Learning how to create a positive, healthy environment for you - no matter where you are and who you are with - has a big growth arc. Now, add in a healthy dose of family dynamics and years of ingrained patterns - and it may take some time for you to get comfortable with speaking up for yourself!

But take it from someone that has done it, unleashing your Throat Chakra and communicating boundaries feels amazing...(kind of like the genie coming out of the cramped lamp for the first time).

Your Aunt disparaging your spiritual beliefs? - - #GetBoundaries

Your Sister offering unsolicited advice? - - #GetBoundaries

Expected to sacrifice your own needs to be available at another's whim? - - #GetBoundaries

If you don't have good boundaries - - you probably already know it.

And you know you need boundaries for your peace of mind, but maybe you aren't sure where to begin. I mean how many examples of healthy boundaries do we really see on a day to day basis? Unfortunately, not a lot.

Knowing what to say and how to say it, doesn't come naturally. So, you have to practice it.

With practice and these 11 Healthy Boundary phrases to get you started - you'll be in a much better position to communicate your boundaries with self respect and compassion.


About Christina Wooten:

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