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Spirit has the Answer! (and how they can help you find it) #41

Spirit has the Answer (and how they can help you find it)!

You have an untapped support network that is just waiting to help you. A support network full of wisdom, perspective, solutions, and support. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well it isn't. Your Spirit Guides are just waiting to share more with you, and help you find solutions to your challenges - large and small.

All you have to do is ask!

In this episode, we cover what to ask your Spirit Guides and how to do it. Plus how to get feedback to your questions without any special training.

Join us as we pull back the veil on the Spirit World and talk ~ Spirit Guides on today's episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast.

On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*The most important thing you should know about your relationship with Spirit (3:29)

*The other roles your spirit guides in your daily life (4:37)

*How spiritual growth is connected to every other aspect of your life (5:48)

*Some surprising examples of things Spirit can help you with (7:22)

*What makes your spirit guides so well equipped to help you (10:10)

*How to start getting answers from your spirit guides (12:03)

*The type of question you should avoid to minimize confusion (12:19)

*The type of questions you should ask to get the best answers (13:31)

*Why you should limit the number of questions you ask of your spirit guides (15:02)

*Some of the ways you can ask your questions of your guides (17:14)

*A simple practice to help you determine your “yes” or “no” answers from Spirit (18:32)

*How your body knows if you are getting a “yes” or “no” (21:20)

*How to learn to trust the answers you get (23:46)


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