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Garlic for Psychic Vampires #29

Protecting your Energy from Psychic Vampires

Have you ever noticed that some people just make you feel drained whenever you have more than a casual conversation with them? You walk away thinking, “Why am I suddenly so tired? All I did was have a five minute conversation with Jolene about how her life is a wreck.” Some people are known as psychic (or energy) vampires, and you probably know a lot of them if you are a healer or sensitive person.

So on today's episode, we will share some of the traits of the psychic vampire, and offer you a few defenses you can use to shield yourself from them if you find yourself interacting with one.

On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*How a psychic vampire becomes a psychic vampire, even without knowing it (2:01)

*The number one type of psychic vampire (4:13)

*The best way to tell if you've interacted with an energy vampire (4:39)

*Understanding it from their perspective (5:37)

*Why energy vampires seem to be attracted to healers and sensitive compassionate people (6:36)

*How to tell if some of the people in your life right now fit this description (7:13)

*Ways their other relationships can give you big clues (9:32)

*6 methods you can use to shift away from falling prey to a psychic vampire (10:52)

*Reducing or completely cutting off interaction (11:28)

*Listening to your body's needs and honoring that (12:47)

*Becoming as interesting as a gray rock (13:28)

*Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries (15:12)

*Calling out the Big Guns (your Protector Guides) (17:02)

*The Golden Egg technique for “bubbling up” to protect your energy (19:32)

Golden Egg technique starts at 3:16 of this video:

*Why the less you give, the less attractive you become (21:36)


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Modern Life and Spirit_EP29_Psychic Vampires

Tue, 5/18 1:24PM • 24:00


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Christina Wooten, Narrator, Robert Wooten

Christina Wooten 00:01

Chi, Ki ,Prana and orgone energy are all names for your sacred lifeforce energy. But inevitably you're going to encounter those people who are going to drain your lifeforce or leave you just feeling exhausted. So today we're going to talk about how to spot a psychic vampire and how to shield yourself from energy loss.

Narrator 00:25

Welcome to the Modern Life and Spirit podcast where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world, your hosts certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten break down how to work with spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Robert Wooten 00:48

Well, hey there kindred spirits. Welcome to our podcast sacred space where we talk about the integration point between daily life and living in a spiritual way. We have pumped up our highest vibration energy today, just for you, and we're ready to get to it. I'm Robert Wooten, I'm here with my wife, certified psychic medium and Reiki Master Teacher herself, Christina. Today, we're tackling an interesting topic and is one that I know each of you have had some experience with, whether you know it or not. And when you hear the description, you will say, "Oh, yeah, I know someone like that." We're talking about a particular type of person known as a psychic vampire. This is an individual who, rather than healing their core wounds and getting their energy from their unity with the earth, or from higher vibrations, try to plug in to other people's energy. And by attaching to this energy-and it's usually in some form of emotional interaction-they generally absorb energy from the auric field in the form of attention. This energy will generally last them for a short period of time before they're going to need to attach again, or find another source.

Christina Wooten 02:01

People who are psychic vampires often don't realize that they are. So that's important to understand. And these people have profoundly impacted Root Chakras. So Root Chakra is at the base of your tailbone, it's the energy center or portal that's really responsible for safety, for security, for feeling connected. It's also the primary source of energy from the earth coming in and just fueling the whole body. There's something that occurred or has happened for them, usually it's in childhood, that prevents them from deriving peace, groundedness and primarily trusting that their needs are going to be provided for. So what happens is they learned through interactions over time, that by inciting other people emotionally, they can absorb that attention and absorb this excess burst of emotional energy from that person's auric field of either a friend or relative or co worker, just someone that's around them. That energy hit like Robert was saying, can last for a short time before they need to find another source of energy. And these behaviors are really ingrained into who they are and how they believe that they have to have their needs met. So the psyche of an energy vampire is often, you know, more severely damaged. So there's a lot of psychological defense mechanisms that are in place. And this really prevents the awareness of the impact of their own behavior on other people. And it really gives them an inability to accept at times personal responsibility. They only know that when they agitate the emotions of others, they feel stronger or more connected and less alone. So this cycle of feeling better, leads to this continuous like subconscious need to like stir the pot. To create conflict around them to receive continuous validation and attention, and otherwise just, they tear through relationships. So a lot of people with psychological or personality disorders unknowingly have these psychic vampire traits, most commonly is the classic Narcissist. However, most people are not walking around with that printed on their forehead like "Hey, psychic vampire." Otherwise, it'd be a lot easier to to not reinforce the continuation of this behavior. Now, energy vampires are mostly recognized by how you feel after interacting with them. So if you consistently feel drained or not yourself, a little disoriented after each interaction, that's a good time to take a second look. Because individuals with this energy need to seek out host energy sources. So a couple of traits of the psychic vampire are: they can be a little needy; or dramatic; conflict oriented; volatile and threatening; very common one is a victim mentality. So there's a refusal, very consistently to accept personal responsibility. And again, that comes from these really strong defense mechanisms; shifting identities, that's another big one; an instability in relationships or in jobs; that person demanding just constant attention and validation. And for them a really hidden chronic sense of emptiness. So most of the time, they won't demonstrate that or show that. But these behaviors really from a compassion space, are a desire to try and connect, to feel something within themselves to feel a part of something. Unfortunately, it's because of whatever trauma or difficulty that they've experienced, or at times it can have to do with their personal wiring, they don't do it in a healthy way.

Robert Wooten 06:09

I think it's important that you pointed out that a lot of times people can be energy vampires or psychic vampires, and not really even recognize that that's how they're behaving.

Christina Wooten 06:18

One of the reasons that we're talking about this today is because people who are in this role or are living this experience, they often prey, if for lack of a better word on people who are sensitive, very compassionate, those that are healers, those that have a really strong sense of justice, or who will act as an advocate after they sort of fall for the victim story or get, let's say, just get engaged in the victim story. So it's important to learn how to recognize so we don't get involved or engaged in perpetuating a pattern for someone else that really isn't healthy for them in the long run, and definitely is not going to be healthy for your energy, as you know, they're drawing some of this excess energy from your physical body.

Robert Wooten 07:13

I think people would be surprised to find that someone like a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend, that are actually drawing this psychic energy from them, like they're addicted to your particular flavor of energy. Or it could be that boss that constantly makes you stay late at work. Or it could also be your best friend that wants to just hang out all the time, and have these long drawn out conversations, or a neighbor who likes to just engage in gossip for hours or family members or co workers.

Christina Wooten 07:44

A lot of it, with that, though, comes with the feeling because you can have a best friend that you want to hang out with for hours that you connect with. But if when you do that, it always leaves you with a feeling of heaviness of being drained of you sort of lose a little bit of sense of your own groundedness, then that's going to be an indication of that there could be something else that's happening there. And honestly, most people truthfully, who are dealing with someone who is a genuine psychic vampire, they know something is off and eventually learn like, "Oh, I'm gonna walk around this a good 20 feet and do you know, I might go out of my way to avoid that situation." So in time, it's something that you know, can be learned the key is really to recognize before you get so engaged in the relationship before you are really involved in it before you're investing financial money into it before you're like packing up and helping them move in a last minute emergency and sacrificing a lot for yourself. It's learning how to see some of the flags earlier, rather than later on. And psychic vampires, they're looking for someone who can be an enabler for them. Most people are not saying "I'd love to be an enabler for a psychic vampire today," because they're just compassionate. "I'm looking for ways to help." The key is, you know, again, focusing on how does that interaction make you feel and if consistently, there's the same flavor that's happening with that person, then you have to go either it's not a vibrational match for you, or you might be dealing with something deeper that's going on. And if you're not sure, you can look at some of their other relationships too. So the person who is really struggling with for example, emotional regulation is not generally just struggling with emotional regulation in one relationship. They're also in Walgreens, you know, yelling at the pharmacist about something or you know, struggling in multiple other relationships. So you can kind of look at what else is happening in the sphere, in the orbit of this person or in this experience and see if maybe there's some other patterning there. And the key really is not to get into a judgment zone, because it is important to have compassion for people. It's just also recognizing that compassion and engagement can be two different things. And so you have the power to choose, is this ultimately supporting them, truly, and changing a pattern or behavior? And is your deprivation energy going to do that? The answer is going to be no.

Robert Wooten 10:33

So once you've identified someone who might be a psychic vampire or energy vampire in your life, let's talk about some of the ways that you can protect your energy when you suspect that you might be falling prey to one of these kinds of people.

Christina Wooten 10:47

So there's actually six things that I've outlined, that really do help shift this because the unfortunate thing is that sometimes we are in situations or experiences where you may have that psychic vampire in your life or in your orbit, that for whatever reason, you can't shift. So if you have a ex spouse, perhaps who had you know, is the psychic vampire for you, it's not as easy to just walk away and, you know, go 20 paces around. So you have to learn, what is it internally that can be shifted. So we're talking about some of these shifts. So the first one is as much as possible to just reduce the interaction. So that seems like such a no brainer. But just being really intentional, to try and break that contact, to not be as available. Unfortunately, confrontation in someone who's a true psychic vampire, because they lack that awareness, and they lack that internal introspection, and they have the victim mentality, you're really not going to get past those really strong psychic defenses, or psychological defenses. So confronting them directly actually brings in more energy for them. They're like, "Oh, big drama experiences" like a nuclear explosion, they can pull a lot of energy from that. So instead, reducing the interaction is more helpful. So even if you feel frustrated, or you like want to say, you know, get it out in some other way. So doing some writing or something like that. But as much as you can try and eliminate that interaction, or reduce situations where you have to be more directly involved. So if you can change your form of communication to email, for example, or a specific process that allows you to be a lot more measured, and to do it on your own terms that can be helpful if you still do have to communicate. Also practicing self care, because if you've been in the situation for a while, you do want to really boost those energy stores back up, you've got to put yourself first. So, listening to your body for what it needs, listening to your emotional body for what it needs to just be strong and healthy and just strengthen your core energy. Because that's always going to build your stamina, and allow for personal reconnection just getting grounded again, with who you are. This is just going to help rebuild your auric field and improve health and vitality. So take that time away. Allow yourself to see self care as self celebration and not being selfish. The third one that I have is something that is used with classic Narcissist, but it does really, really work. And it's helpful. It's called gray rock mode. So you want to initiate gray rock. And what that means is making yourself as interesting as a gray rock. There's just nothing there. Because they really need your emotional response, your emotional energy to feel better, they're just gonna try a myriad of things to rile you up. And once you start shifting the dynamic, actually, with a psychic vampire, it can temporarily get worse because they're going to start trying "Well, that didn't work. Let me try this. Let me try that." So they start trying to increase some of the activity for a short period of time just to see what's going to rile you up because you've been a good food source for them. So know that temporarily, that conflict can increase briefly. But if you stick with it, just provide no emotion, no contact unless it's absolutely necessary. So as much as you can, one word boring answers and you're just well on your way to becoming a non food source for them. But the key is to be vigilant, especially if you feel triggered just we're trying to consider it's like what can you say what can you express you're not getting engaged. It's like, I'm going to be as boring as a gray rock. I'm going to give you so little emotional energy that it's just nothing.

Robert Wooten 14:59

So you ask yourself "How would a gray rock respond to this" if you're looking at how you're going to respond, right?

Christina Wooten 15:06

Exactly. Okay, so our next one is to help change your energy by practicing boundaries. And I say practicing because this is something we, we have to work on. Something we have to practice to get really good at and to get good at in many different situations. Okay, so practice boundaries. And when, when you think about trying to be excited about like, "Ooh, let's see what I can create here." But many sensitives truly do have some wishy washy boundaries in their auric field. So if your compassion really drives you to be a giver, and that often leads to things being very sacrificial, for you, then changing some of this will also prevent attracting those future psychic vampires and turning off any current ones. Just practicing "no," practicing what you mean directly, without sugarcoating, being willing to get uncomfortable until you get comfortable with boundaries. And they will become second nature to you. You'll gain so much in self esteem and in self love, by being able to express yourself and just learn more about yourself, because you are truly being yourself, rather than responding all the time to, or reacting all the time. So sometimes counseling or professional help, can really support this. So if you were raised in an environment with someone who really didn't have boundaries, or discouraged boundaries in some way, that can make it a little bit more difficult. So working with a counselor or someone more professional, can give you a little extra support if you need it, just so you can gauge what's healthier, what's healthier for you. One big tip that I have, so whatever you're doing if you're off in lala land, tune in for this one, because it's so important: is work with your protector guides. So, everybody has protector guides. So these are spirit guides, who specifically are there to help support your energy to keep you safe, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and within the context of your life experience and things that you've chosen. So as it connects with free will, though, they generally take their cues from you as far as what you wish their role to be. So if you have really wishy washy boundaries, or say "yes," when you really want to say "no," they're likely to be more permissive than is particularly helpful for you, because again, they're taking their cue from you. So imagine this: you're the queen, or king, in a fortress. You have palace guards, out right front, guarding the gates. However, something dangerous approaches coming across the bridge, and come into the gateway or the door. And you as the queen, override the ruling of the guards and just say, "Oh, come in Welcome, welcome come on in," over and over again. That's a pretty ineffective system, right? So why why have guards there, they're just gonna go "Oh, well, she would just usher them in." So when you're committed to these types of changes, speak to your protector guides by writing them a note or speaking it out loud. Let them know that you're changing this pattern of behavior that you're committed to taking responsibility for your energy, that you welcome their input. And just ask them, "Hey, I need more help, I need more help with this. And I really do want to make a different kind of commitment, a different kind of relationship." So you can ask them, when you interact with the name of your brand of psychic vampire, ask your protector guides to stand in between the two of you to just guard and protect your energy so that essentially they're creating a little bit of a buffer, a shield between you and that person. And a lot of energy is taken through the solar plexus chakra in the front of the body. So as they stand in front, it just gives you a nice strong buffer, so it's not as easy. So if you do have to interact with someone in person, that's a really effective system for just guarding your energy. It's a good thing always to utilize our spiritual resources. So the last one is to practice what I call the golden egg technique. And it's just a intentional process of creating a golden egg that extends around you in all areas. It's like a 3-D energetic shield, above your body below your body all around. And by below your body, we're also talking below the feet, okay, because it's actually going to move into that earth energy for you. So you're visualizing this several feet out from you in all different directions above or below, and all around. And when you create this visualization you are doing so with an energy of an intention of protection. Now, if gold doesn't resonate with you, you can also use a really deep blue, or a violet or royal purple, that will also work really well. But I encourage you to do this at the beginning of the day. So say you have to go into work, and it's someone that you know, it's a co worker, you're gonna have to interact with, make sure you do it beforehand, if you're able to. If you're not able to, and you're in the moment realizing that "Oh, gosh, here I've run into someone," just take a moment while you're, you know, speaking with them to intend this shield come up. So, I do have a video for that, so I'm going to link this into the show notes for Episode 29. So you can actually see a video where we talk a little bit more about that. I've given you six tools, and I'm going to tell you from my experience that they they do work, but it has to come from a commitment within yourself. And truly, it is a place of self love to respect your energy, enough to really shift this dynamic. But once you know how to do it, it becomes more second nature and you get more comfortable with really loving yourself and valuing your energy in a way that most people haven't done before that haven't done this type of work. So it can have some beautiful results when we have to go through this process, even though it can be challenging. I want you to remember though, the less that you give a psychic vampire, the less they're gonna find you attractive. So keep that in mind, as tempting as it might be to "Oh, I'll just do this and then they'll stop." Nope, you're just like adding water to that, you know, dying plant, it's like just a little bit drop and it hangs out a little bit more. So it's important to release. However, just due to their narcissistic nature, many can draw you in without you even knowing it. So start paying attention first to your energy levels. When you're around different people, when you notice any of that draining, or that attaching signs, that type of interaction, immediately take action to either distance yourself from that person or just put your energetic protection up where you're really taking care of yourself and bringing your attention to what your body needs. You'll suddenly notice that you have so much more energy throughout your day. And a lot more capability to do the things that help you to grow on your individual path because you're less reactive, less responsive, and less overloaded with some of this lower vibrational energy that is exceptionally draining.

Robert Wooten 22:58

Thanks for being a part of our podcast family and being here with us today. We really appreciate you and all of the positive comments and notes that we've received. And just know that we work really hard to keep bringing you the kind of content that you're looking for each week. You can find all of our offerings and services at Sedona as well as discovering the different sessions that we offer to work with you more directly to help lift your vibration. Until next time, many blessings.

Robert Wooten 23:32

The Modern Life and Spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. Information provided is not to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological illness. To read the full disclaimer, see


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