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Archangels to Boost your Career #53

career archangels

We spend a huge chunk of our lives pursuing or building our career. This is where you will likely spend a majority of your life. It is important that you find fulfillment in the work that you do.

Whether you are wanting to elevate your career or your business so that it supports and fulfills you - emotionally, spiritually, and personally or maybe you have a side hustle that is what really lights you up inside but the IRS would call it a "hobby business" and you are ready to step into that full time creative expansion, or if you are working for a company and you hit a dead end and are just going through the motions every day when you go to work and you know eventually something has to give - I want you to know that calling in the higher forces is a powerful medicine.

There are 3 key Archangels you can ask for assistance, who just happen to specialize in developing wealth, removing obstacles, and giving wise counsel. Plus, we will share with you a very simple way to ask for their help to keep you on the highest path for reaching your life goals.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

* Invitation for connecting with the Archangels for your particular needs (2:45)

* What are Archangels? 3:40

* The Archangel of wealth, prosperity, and career success. 6:05

* The Archangel that will help you release "playing small", release limitation, and step into more self-love through your career. 9:54

* The Archangel of wisdom to move through confusion, make wise decisions, create order and systems, and enhance discernment. 16:55

* How to call upon the Archangels. 19:31


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