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Finding the Confidence to Follow your Higher Calling #70

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Do you recognize that you have a whisper within to share your intuitive and spiritual gifts with the world but you find that you are struggling to take the leap? Perhaps you have felt a desire to serve Spirit and help others as a healer, an intuitive coach, a meditation teacher, a spiritual blogger, a psychic medium, an astrologer, etc. Or maybe you just want to feel more comfortable expressing yourself authentically? Lack of confidence and fear can delay you stepping into your higher calling.

To confidently follow your inner whisper, there are 4 pillars of support that will help you feel more prepared to face your fears in a way that is more loving and self-compassionate. If you feel the call, but also the resistance - this episode is for you.

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In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, we discuss:

*A personal example of what resistance can look like 3:19

*The message most Spirit Guides want to share in support of your Higher Goals 4:37

*Why most people don’t follow their inspiration to pursue their dreams 4:56

*How reframing your higher goals to be more about service to Spirit can help you overcome your fears 7:50

*The number one thing that can boost your confidence 8:52

*The role finding your community plays in helping to motivate and inspire you 12:03

*Finding your stepping stones of your internal truths that help shape your growth confidence 15:15

*The importance of “Walking Your Talk” in embodying your highest authentic vibration 18:25


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