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You are not meant to be an island. #96

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Accepting help is the same as allowing connection. Allowing yourself to receive blessings. And allowing Spirit and the Divine to help you through the hands, hearts, and minds of others.

So if you struggle with receiving help, or asking for it (even when you really need it), you are sending out the signal that you don't really need anything. And that can have huge implications when it comes to aligning with abundance and other forms of generosity from the higher realms.

The reasons for this can be many: Childhood trauma; Unavailable or unstable parents; A lack of resources. Understanding which ones helped shape your need for total control, or complete self reliance, can help you begin the process of letting go and learning to connect and receive.

On this episode we explore several of the ways, and the reasons you may be refusing all kinds of help, and how you can overcome them and open yourself up to receiving all of the blessings the Universe has to offer you - if you will only allow it.


About Christina Wooten:

Christina Wooten helps you access the wisdom and support of the Spirit World to elevate your life.

She is a Certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Teacher. Christina is the owner of Sedona Medium and co-host of Modern Life and Spirit podcast.

She offers Psychic Medium Readings, Soul Readings, and teaches how you can start communicating and receiving messages from your Spirit Guides - through her program.

To learn more about her offerings, click here

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About Robert Wooten:

Robert Wooten is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher who loves to help others to increase their life force energy and heal mind/body/Spirit.

Learn more about how Robert can help you here

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