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Psychic Medium in Sedona, Arizona

Begin your Spiritual Journey here

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sedona medium psychic

What could you CREATE in your life, if you were fueled by 
inspiration, rather than self-doubt or anxiety?

No one lives their best life when they feel disconnected, overwhelmed, or unsure.

Spiritual connection helps us navigate the world and the challenges that face us

- with confidence and positivity. 

Are you feeling the call to reconnect & re-align?

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"I have experienced first hand how information and support from the Spirit World can change your life in wonderful, unexpected ways.


What lights me up, is helping you to clearly reconnect with the Spirit World to receive answers to your questions, and tap into the loving support and counsel that is waiting for you. 

I help your loved ones on the other side and your Spirit Guides communicate with you, in an evidential and grounded way.


As a professional psychic medium of 15 years, trained by a 30 year psychic medium of Lily Dale, N.Y.,  and tested and certified in the art of Mediumship,

I would love to help you too."

Certified and Evidential Psychic Medium,

Reiki Master Teacher, and Spiritual Mentor

Your Spiritual Guide.

Weekly Support to Align with your Higher Self

New Episodes of Modern Life and Spirit Podcast Every Wednesday 6am PST

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How we can work together

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Psychic Medium Reading

Connect with Spirit for clarity on your next steps and reconnection with loved ones on the other side. 


Soul Reading

Reveal your Hidden Mastery and Uncover what lights up your Soul.


     Energy Healing

Release stress and balance your Chakras for Mind/Body/Spirit healing

Upcoming Spiritual Events and Classes
in sedona, AZ

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