Psychic Medium in Sedona, Arizona




Born with an intense energy sensitivity and awareness of Spirit beings around,

Christina Wooten, was led to training in the Spiritualist style of Mediumship.

  Her Mediumship training began with being accepted into an invitation-only training with a 30 year LilyDale, NY resident and mentor, performing numerous public demonstrations of Mediumship, passing a written examination, and an evaluated reading with a stranger.

Since then, Christina has given readings to hundreds of people all across the globe, including celebrity clientele.

Readings with Christina are clarifying, insightful, healing.  She is known for her practical and grounded approach to working with Spirit, to find answers to Life's challenges.


Messages are delivered with compassion and a splash of good humor when Spirit allows.



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Psychic Medium Readings

Connect with Spirit for clarity on your next steps and reconnection with loved ones on the other side. 

      Soul Readings

Reveal your Hidden Mastery and Uncover what lights up your Soul.

     Energy Healing

Release stress and balance your Chakras for Mind/Body/Spirit healing

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