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Retreat Code of Conduct

The Sedona Summer Solstice Women's Retreat participants agree to the following: 

I support a positive, nurturing, and high vibrational environment.

I understand the importance of respecting myself and others and will act accordingly.

I agree to abide by all laws, city ordinances and retreat policies.

Alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs of any kind are not permitted on retreat property or to be consumed during the retreat. 

I will not purposefully or accidentally cause damage to retreat premises or event spaces.  Should damage be caused to retreat premises or event spaces, I understand and agree that I am solely and completely financially and otherwise liable for such damages.

I am committed to creating a non-predatory environment.  I understand behaviors that are deemed as bullying, derogatory, inflammatory, or sexually predatory will not be tolerated.  Should it be deemed that my behaviors fall into any of the above categories, I can be immediately expelled from all retreat activities and the premises with no refund and additional transportation and lodging costs will be my own responsibility.

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