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Feature in Kateigaho ~ February 2017

When Kateigaho approached me for a feature on the Spiritual Power of Sedona, I was incredibly honored.


Kateigaho is a very popular Japanese Magazine featuring Japanese culture, lifestyle, and travel.

I was interviewed on one of my favorite subjects, Animal Totems, followed by a detailed Animal Totem reading for the editor.  

The subject of the article was experiencing an Animal Totem reading with Christina, as a spiritual guide to increase luck and unravelling problems with Spirit.

A brief (translated) excerpt,


"Christina tells us of the state of energy reflected on the nine cards finely and it tells us the problems that may be encountered, how to deal with them, and the direction you should aim your talents.  It is likely to be a good opportunity to deeply understand ourselves."

Learn more about Animal Totems here

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Metro UK Magazine ~ January 29, 2018

Mention of for Reiki services and Sound Healing (pg 2)

Airbnbmag ~ Winter 2018


'Sedona, Two Ways' by Jen Murphy

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