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Meditation CD

Gateways to Higher Consciousness


Meditation CD, channelled through Christina Wooten

Track One: The Shift Within | Releasing Limiting Illusions | 22:55

Track Two: A Journey with Eagle | Exploring Eagle Medicine | 21:32

Track Three: Radiant Heart | Exploring the Heart Chakra's Infinite Capacity for Love |12:40

Higher Consciousness can only be achieved by boldly releasing limitations and our own illusions.  Through shifting our perspective to align with Creator and the Creator within, one experiences our infinite capacity for love and compassion.  This CD is designed to carry you along that unlimited journey of expansion to release the elements of your own consciousness that prevent you from experiencing your highest divine through.  These meditations can be used together or separately, again and again, with each experience revealing another gateway to your highest awareness.
All Songs Composed & Produced by Janet Rabin Phillips
Graphic Design by Kristina Fick
©2013 Christina Wooten
©2013 Healing Music Records
All Rights Reserved

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