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Past Life Regression Sessions

Unveil the Mysteries of your past so that you can transcend the limits of your current life.

In this virtual, live past life regression event you'll move effortlessly through the boundaries of time, space, & the mind in a journey of self-exploration.  

During this group past life regression, you'll experience a group, guided hypnosis session to lead you beyond your conscious awareness, to Soul level remembrance.

With the help of Past Life Regression techniques, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeply into one of your past lives and explore significant moments, recognize Soul family, and understand the themes, lessons, and overall impact of that life.


Regressions give you the unique opportunity to intimately explore how a challenge or theme in this lifetime may be connected to times in your past life - influencing your decisions and your emotional well-being. 

Through reintegration, you’ll have an opportunity for resolution, spiritual healing, and  insight into your multi-dimensional self! 

Each past life holds valuable lessons and unresolved patterns that influence your current life. By delving into these past experiences, you gain wisdom, release karmic burdens, and ignite your spiritual evolution

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Why Past Life Regression?

Healing & Resolution

Past life memories often reveal the mysteries behind unresolved emotions and traumas that still impact your approach to life.  With support, you can release emotional baggage and find past life healing and closure to resistant patterns.

Patterns & Relationships

Explore the patterns that have repeated throughout your lifetimes and gain insights into your relationships and connections with others.  Discover the karmic ties that may influence your interactions, allowing you to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


Gain a deeper understanding of your

multi-dimensional self.  Past life regression allows you the path to explore the roots of fears, talents, and passions, shedding light on your present-day experiences.

Personal Growth

Get a unique perspective on your personal growth journey.  By understanding the lessons and challenges you've faced in previous lives, you can make more conscious choices in this lifetime.

Spiritual Awakening

Tap into your true spiritual essence and expand your consciousness.  PLR can provide a direct experience of your eternal nature and provide a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

What to Expect in our time together

Introduction to Past Life Regression and understand the process.

Reflect on your current experiences and where you may need insight to help you with your current life.

Thoughtfully and prayerfully prepare an intention for your Past Life Journey and infuse your intention with energy.


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