Psychic Medium Readings 

Phone, Skype, Zoom Readings

As a Certified Medium, Christina Wooten, connects with the Spirit Realms and the energies around you to share the messages Spirit has for you, at this time.


During an Psychic Medium Reading, receive insights about Past/Present/Future, in areas such as:


*Health and Healing

*Family and Children


*Spiritual Development


*and More.

*Connect with Loved Ones

in Spirit

*Meet your Spirit Guides

As an experienced Medium, Christina is also able to connect with Loved Ones in Spirit that wish to communicate. 

The messages she shares are from the Highest Realms of Love and are presented with loving compassion, non-judgement, and integrity.  Readings are confidential.  

Readings may be done in person, in Sedona, or over the phone.

For International Readings, Skype sessions are used.


Complimentary downloadable MP3 recording with 60 min. readings.
















Readings may be done in person or via Phone, Skype, or Zoom are equally effective. Spirit does not operate under perceived physical limitation or dynamics, such as time, space, or distance - thus readings may be delivered with the same clarity and ease of connection no matter where you are located! 


Psychic Medium Readings are available for 30 minute sessions or 60 minute sessions 

30 minutes    $100    
60 minutes    $150*

*60 minute in-person readings include a complimentary MP3 recording of your session.


Can my Mother/Husband/Sister/Friend, etc. sit with me during the reading?

This is a common question.  Simply put, no.  Imagine you have come for your reading, but messages for the other person keep coming in.  For clarity of the message, only the person receiving the reading will be in the room.  

How often may I get a reading with you?

It is strongly recommended to only have a reading once every six months.  This ensures the quality of the reading and allows for new, helpful information to come through for you.

How do I prepare for my reading?

To prepare for your Psychic Medium Reading, you may wish to reach out to your Loved Ones in Spirit and "invite" them to your session.  Some clients also take the time to prepare a list of questions.  It is always exciting when Spirit begins answering those questions, before one has even had the opportunity to ask.

Who will come through during my reading?

Often Loved Ones in Spirit come through.  It is helpful to be familiar with your family history to more easily identify who may be sending you a greeting from Spirit.  While those close to you in life,  often come through, sometimes those you may be surprised by come in for a visit.  Remember that golf buddy from 10 years ago or the person you worked with closely 15 years ago?   Yes, they sometimes come through with important messages and insights.  Occasionally, a grandparent you never met in life comes through with a message (just because they didn't know you in the physical body, doesn't mean they haven't been watching out for you ;).  Sometimes a message will come through to deliver to a husband, partner, co-worker, or a good friend.  You can decide if you wish to deliver this message.

Departed pets from your life may also come through (even a parent's dog!).

Spirit Guides may wish to identify themselves to make it easier for you to connect with their energies in your daily life or become more aware of their presence.

It is always best to let go of expectations or rigid ideas of "I only want to hear from so and so".  This rigid energy usually blocks the flow and actually makes it harder for you to hear from them.

 When you come into the room for a psychic reading, set aside Ego and allow Spirit to lead the way for the highest results and exactly what you need at a given time.


While every effort is made to ensure an excellent recording, sound quality is not guaranteed.

Please note, that any information provided by Spirit does not replace advice or treatment from a licensed Medical or psychological health provider, or legal advisor.  Christina Wooten does not diagnose conditons, perform medical treatments, or prescribe medications.

"Christina, I just listened to the reading and I'm amazed at how you read me so 

accurately.  I want to thank you for your kindness and willingness to visit after the readings.  You are a precious woman." ~ Kimberly

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