Reiki Healing Meditation

Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) founder of the system of Usui Reiki expressed the importance of meditation and spiritual development during his Reiki classes. Meditation is a means of cultivating awareness of our energetic being and is an important part of developing intuition.

Today, I will share with you one Reiki Meditation technique that you can use as part of your development practice.

Awareness Meditation: Reiki Healing Technique

Prayerfully set your intention for this meditation time. Ask Reiki, your Reiki Guides, and All That Is to support you during this time, devoted to your growth, healing, and development. Ask that these energies be with you and help to guide your process for the Highest and Best outcome.

Begin by bringing your awareness to your breath. Intend that with each breath cycle, your awareness is moving deeper within, into the subtle energy layers. Follow each breath, Relaxing further and further as you go.

When you begin to feel very relaxed, begin to "listen" for your pulse. Feel the sensation and rhythmic beats. Becoming aware that your heart beat is sustained by a loving force. Feel this awareness grow. Your every heartbeat is an affirmation of your direct connection with a Higher power.

Bring your hands to the "T" position over the heart chakra (see picture). It isn't important which hand is the vertical and which is horizontal. Do what comes naturally, in this relaxed state. One hand covers the High heart chakra and the other over the heart chakra. Allow Reiki to flow through your hands to your heart chakra energy center.

Keep your awareness on the connection between your heart and it's beat and the loving Higher power that sustains it.

Continue this Reiki Meditation technique for the period of time you feel guided by Reiki to devote.

Give thanks to Reiki, your Reiki Guides, and to All That Is for the healing you have received.

copyright 2016 Christina Wooten, All Rights Reserved

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