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Spirit Guides are the spiritual mentors of the other side. Yet there is certainly an air of mystery when we discuss the Spirit allies on the other side. The Spirit Guides that come through in readings are always encouraging connection with them and also more understanding about how they can help!

The more that we understand their work and their love and support of us, the more we can accelerate our growth. Many of your Spirit Guide questions will be answered below PLUS some you didn't even know you wanted an answer to.


Spirit Guides 101

There are many different types of Spirit Guides.

Some Spirit Guides work 1:1 with a human charge.

Others may work with groups of people, such as those that may be guiding technology break throughs or revelations on the planet. In a case such as this, they may be working with several scientists at one time for a specific purpose. Have you ever thought about the Spirit Guides behind the Renaissance? It is indeed a whole new way to understand the Eras our world experiences, and the explosions of knowledge and advancements that accompany them.

Still others may work on an even broader perspective, teaching and inspiring where and when they are needed without attachment to a specific person or group.

These spiritual mentors are leaders, masters of their chosen specialties – both the physical aspects, and spiritual elements of their specialty. This mastery is something that they have earned by successfully advancing in their development and consistently demonstrating wisdom in their specialties – both in Spirit and in their previous incarnations. They represent not merely an understanding of something but an integrated consciousness that flows through them.

As a whole, Spirit Guides are highly advanced and are guided to help to awaken humanity to the Unity Consciousness. 99.999% of Spirit Guides (ok not exactly but really close) have incarnated many times as a human and sometimes on other planetary or inter-dimensional or non-physical awarenesses.

Their experience is vast and advanced.

Part of their advanced awareness is that they are sympathetic and empathetic to humanity, yet not vulnerable to it. They lovingly are resistant to human manipulation (you know, all that begging, pleading, bargaining, rationalizing that we all do at some point or another). Their motives are ones of love and wisdom, never greed or Ego. This makes them the perfect partners in our growth.

How they serve to awaken humanity, depends upon what type of Spirit Guide they are.

Each person has Spirit Guides (yes, plural) that serve the primary roles as

Primary Guide

Spiritual Teacher

Protector Guide

You often have more than one Teaching Guide. You may even have many helpers around you who serve various roles, but there is only one Primary Spirit Guide.


A Primary Spirit Guide helps to bring forth the conditions which lead to applied wisdom and expanding the consciousness of their spiritual charge.

The primary guide does so much behind the scenes work. They spend incredible time studying their charge's energy, patterns, incarnations, strengths, talents, and weaknesses – and this is even before the person incarnates! The primary guide also studies the chosen life themes, relationships, charted path, challenges, and blessings that are “scheduled” or contracted for their charge.

Prior to incarnation, they point out areas that might get tough for their charge and strategize how their charge may get through it, what needs to be learned, and coordinate resources/tools to help their charge navigate through it all. They may also suggest some changes if a spirit got a little too ambitious (and forgot briefly what it was like to be a human with emotions!).

Their job on a higher level is to be like a really loving NASA mission control. They are monitoring, helping solve challenges – but never taking the power away from their charge. They are available to offer a different perspective, and coordinating efforts as needed. They are focused on making sure that all goes according to plan and that the Soul's “mission” is satisfied.

Some responsibilities of the Primary Spirit Guide:

*primary coordinator and leader on behalf of their charge.

*negotiate spiritual contracts between the charge and other people or circumstances

*be ever aware of the energetic state of their charge

*help their charge utilize opportunities for growth and healing

*coordinate help from universal Spirit Guides as needed

*work with the Spiritual Teaching Guides to cultivate wisdom

*de-brief with charge after incarnation

Some things to remember about a Primary Spirit Guide:

They must work within the confines of the chosen direction for growth and the method of growth chosen by the Spirit incarnated. I hear all the time, my guide is just so quiet. Have you considered that one of your themes may be not to give your power away to an outer authority? If so, your Guide will not support you in being an outer authority and will instead support you in finding and listening to your inner voice. This is just one example.


A Spiritual Teacher Guide or Teaching Guide is responsible for helping their charge to learn and develop.

They work with the direction and support of the primary Spirit Guide. They are the tutors of the Spirit world offering learning opportunities and insights for their charge. They are always asking themselves, “What does so and so need in order to overcome this challenge?” “What types of extra study support would be helpful for them?” “What philosophies can we expose them to or ideas can we inspire them with?”

Once they have their answers, then they busy themselves with providing bread crumbs for us. Sometimes learning needs to happen outside of the physical body experience on an astral travel. In this case, they coordinate those opportunities.

Have you ever had a very vivid experience in a dream where you were in a lecture or class with valuable information? Or maybe you woke up with a download or suddenly became more knowledgeable in an area. This is the work of our teaching guides.

They generally target areas of growth and focus on them for periods of time, which is why we consider them like the tudor. They help us become more prepared for the trials and experiences ahead, especially if we work very directly with them.

Some responsibilities of the Spiritual Teacher Guide:

*Work in partnership with the primary Spirit Guide

*to identify potential growth in their charge and help provide education to bring it about

*to teach their charge about Spirit

*to foster the desire for and appreciation of growth and change

*coordinate astral travels as needed for education with Spirit

*to affirm progress to their charge

*help their charge see where they need to grow and help set them on the path

*may work with primary guide to bring about impactful experiences that are not easily forgotten

*may help work with their charge in reviewing key elements/experiences of previous lives, usually in an astral travel experience

Some things to remember about the Spiritual Teacher guide: our relationship with them is often colored by how humble and receptive we are to our own growth and spiritual development. At times in life we may find their influence incredibly frustrating, especially when they are teaching about boundaries for the umpteenth time this life. However, the results of their dedication is seen as we evolve and integrate new knowledge.


A Protector Guide is a Spirit Guide who helps to coordinate safety of the physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies of their charge on the Earth plane.

They may do this by giving strong warnings and intuition about someone their charge meets. They may set up literal road blocks so their charge misses a car accident. They help to let their charge know if something is wrong that needs their attention – either physically, emotionally, or energetically.

Protector Guides always issue warnings, but it it up to us to listen to them and to follow through. Many times Protector Guides are confused with the Guardian Angel role, that is okay as they don't have Ego to interfere.

Some great examples of Protector Guides work were the many stories of those that were not in September 11th terrorist attack either by something bizarre and unusual happening preventing them from being at work or boarding the plane.

Some responsibilities of the Protector Guide:

*help maintain safe energy around their charge or alert when there are problems

*communicate to charge intuitively if there is something or someone they need to avoid

*set up roadblocks literally or figuratively if there is something that must be avoided

*protects the physical body and astral body during astral travels

*ensures safe departure of the physical body when death is to occur

*teach their charge to value their own protection and recognize that their free will choices contributes to this

*may also assist in Energy clearings or healing ceremonies as needed

*are able to be very communicative especially when invited by their charge

Some things to remember about Protector Guides: they can't wrap us up in bubble wrap every where we go and prevent every negative experience, especially those that we are contracted for. They must honor our free will choices but they will always help us out of a situation that isn't for our highest good. They can help us see the best way forward. They can help minimize the damage when we get into tough spots. They will advise regularly if you are listening, but will also allow you to learn to pay more attention, should you ignore their input. If you have ignored them previously or run cavalier into situations, they may take a bit of a backseat to a degree. They must allow you to learn your lessons, including appreciation for your own well being.


Spirit Guides work very much as a team. They are always present and tuned into what is happening (and preparing us for situations decades ahead of time). They love and support us and believe in us on every level. They are the coaches helping to call the plays and motivating you to get back out there and try again. Their dedication and unconditional love and help (even when we can't see it) is incredible.

To connect with your Spirit Guides and receive their insights more directly, start by saying hello to them in the morning. Invite their guidance and direction and welcome their sharing. With consistency, you will begin to become more tuned to them and aware of their presence and messages.

Christina Wooten is a Certified Psychic Medium and Certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher. She is the owner of Sedona Medium. She loves to educate others about how connecting with Spirit can uplift one's life. Get a free Healing Meditation and lots more at


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