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Spiritual Practice for Birthdays

January is a special time in our family for birthdays. My husband and I are only a couple of weeks apart in our birthday celebrations.

This gives us both a special opportunity to shine the light upon one another and celebrate each other's gifts, special contributions, and review the blessings the previous year brought us. This sense of review is even more present in our awareness, as New Year's has just past.

This year, I felt the encouragement from Spirit to celebrate the spiritual gifts and Divine presence embodied in my partner. As a result, I created a practice that was so meaningful, I know it will become a part of all future birthday celebrations.

Here is how I did it and how you can enrich your Spiritual practice on Birthdays too..

1. I found a quiet place where I normally do my meditations.

I lit some candles and created an atmosphere of connection.

2. Using my go-to techniques for entering an altered state of consciousness, I slipped into the spaces in between.

3. In this blissful place, I focused on my partner. I felt waves of gratitude for all that they are, their compassion, and the qualities that I love the most.

4. Letting this energy surround my partner and allowing it to build with the intention that it serve as a blessing for them. I began sending Reiki energy also.

5. After several minutes, I connected with Great Spirit and in a prayerful way, gave thanks for my partner and thanks to Great Spirit. I then spent several minutes in a state of love and gratefulness with the feeling of Unity with Creator and letting the feeling of wholeness permeate my being.

6. When I was ready, I brought myself back to the room and grounded these energies.

The feeling of giving thanks in such a powerful way, is one of my favorite memories of the New Year and I look forward to making this more of a family tradition.

Perhaps next birthday, we will make do this all together as a family! Do you have any spiritual birthday traditions?

Since this was such a cherished part of the birthday festivities – I think it would be a lovely way to honor or acknowledge Loved Ones in Spirit that have passed away on their Earth or Celestial birthdays.

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