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Random Acts of Kindness for Winter

Cultivating loving kindness in action is an important way to stay grounded and centered during the holidays. For many, winter can be a challenging season with increasing isolation and darker days. Spreading seeds of kindness can warm the heart during the colder months! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Shovel a Neighbor's driveway or sidewalk

Scrape a Neighbor's windshield

Make a big pot of soup and fill a container to gift a friend or person in need

Help cut some firewood for someone else

Knit scarves, mittens, or hats for those in need

Organize a winter coat donation

Hold the door for someone on a cold day

Donate books your children have outgrown to a family in need, the school library, or local library.

Write reviews for businesses you frequent that you enjoy or have had positive experiences with

Compliment the Manager about an employee

Write thank you notes for a teacher or person in your life that had a significant impact

Volunteer your time for a community organization

Sprinkle bird seed or set out a bird feeder

Donate tea bags, hot chocolate packs, and instant coffee to homeless shelters or food banks

Teach some skills that you have that you may not have time to during the spring and summer months, such as canning or sewing, or stained glass making, etc.

Cultivate seedlings for spring planting. Donate to a community garden, a friend in need, a food bank, or just pass out to those that would like some!

Make extra Valentine's to share with post person, neighbors, on someone's car, employees of places that you frequent.

Set up a seed swap

Make these cute plantable seed paper to share flowers with others!

Donate some toe warmers or hand warmers to those working out in the cold

Kindness is a something we can all contribute to the world! Simple random acts of Kindness, bless the giver and the receiver!

For an extra boost of energy, add Reiki to the items you share with others.

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