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Is your Loved One sending a visitor?

Have you ever noticed a bird hopping around just in front of you, almost as if it was trying to get your attention? Something about this bird, really piques your interest - perhaps the way it is moving seems a little different than you normally see, or the behavior is perhaps bolder.

Lo and behold, you realize this is a you continue to watch his little dance, you remember how much your grandmother loved cardinals. She even had a collection in the house...down you go, down memory lane. A feeling of love and joy fill you as impressions of your grandmother fill your mind and heart.

Perhaps you are at the grave site of someone close to you. Out of the blue, a beautiful tiger swallowtail flies right past you and even seems to encircle you for a moment, before flying away.

Loved Ones who have crossed over use many different means of communication to affirm the Soul's continuing journey, to say hello, or to share a message.

One very common way of sending a message from the Spirit world is through animals.

Animals are easy to impress with messages and influence behavior, since they are very energy sensitive and perceptive. They also don't have the same ego blocks and self-doubt that humans experience. Ego often blocks Spirit Communication.

Don't worry, this influence does not harm the animal that they are co-creating with. In Spirit, our Loved Ones work in harmony with Universal law, as they are even more keenly aware of the importance of doing so. Loved Ones would not risk harming one of God's creatures.

Spirit Loved Ones that enjoy this method of communication choose an animal that exhibits the right conditions as an energy conduit. Often this animal will have specific meaning for the Loved One in Spirit, or for you.

Is every animal that gets our attention a message from a Spirit Loved One?

No, not necessarily. Our Animal Totems are animal spirit guides that send important messages and can interact with us in our daily lives as they give us more energy, understanding, and lessons regarding their unique medicine. We must pay attention to these messages, also. Through paying attention to the feelings that come through with our animal experiences, you can learn to discern an Animal Totem interaction from a Loved One in Spirit sharing a message.

As you work on discerning messages, you may consider the following. By asking yourself these questions, you may get some additional clarity on what the message for you is:

What animal was it? Does this have specific meaning to you or your loved one? What was the dominant color ~ was there a message in the color as well? How was the animal behaving ~ what stands out about this? What is your overall feeling about the interaction?

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