How to make a Reiki Peace Bear

In 2009, my youngest was welcomed into the world, with three Reiki Master-Teachers beaming Reiki in the birthing room. There was also sound healing music, it was really special. More on this, another time.

My daughter had a Reiki treatment, in utero, every day. She was with me, as I treated many Reiki clients and taught Reiki classes and gave attunements. These special experiences with Reiki, fostered a powerful connection between our daughter and Reiki.

When she was younger, she would tell us about seeing what she called "hearts". This was her name for Chakras. She would talk about the heart we had in our throat and the heart in the forehead, and could correctly identify all the Chakra locations without being shown. I have always valued this perspective - what a wonderful way to view our Chakras!

She seeks out Reiki when she is upset and appreciates Reiki treatments.

Recently, she is in an emotional growth spurt. At age 9, she has been a little more sensitive.

My husband (also a Reiki Master Teacher), had a great idea to make a "Reiki Peace Bear". I've really been excited about the results and it is so simple, that I had to share it!

This Reiki bear is infused with Reiki, and is available when she is angry, sad, sick, or frustrated. It seems to calm her down within a few minutes. It also gives her a visual que that reminds her to practice two techniques that work well for her: chanting OM and breathing meditation.

Anyone with Reiki I or above can follow this technique. If you have not taken a Reiki class, you may ask a Reiki practitioner to "charge" your Peace Bear with Reiki.

Here are the steps below to get to enjoying your Reiki Peace Bear:

1. For this project, start with a stuffed animal with a peace symbol on it. We wanted something visual that reminded her of Peace. You could also pick a stuffed animal of choice and use a fabric marker, puff paint, or iron on to create one.

2. Cleanse the stuffed animal with white sage, palo santo, or other technique that works for you. I find that a prayer intending cleansing adds a boosting effect to the cleansing properties.

3. Take a moment in Gassho position to create clarity in your energy.

4. You may wish to chant the Original Reiki Ideals at this time to set the energy. The energy of the Reiki Ideals are just right for this project.

5. If you have the Master Symbol, draw this over the Peace Bear. Follow with the Power Symbol and Mental Emotional Symbol. Don't worry if you don't have these, just move onto the next step.

6. Place your hands over the stuffed animal or touch the sides and send Reiki energy until the stuffed animal feels fully charged and energy flow begins to wane.

7. Say a personal prayer of blessing for the recipient.

8. It is now ready for use!

You might even consider opening a seam and adding some Reiki charged healing crystals and then sewing it back up. Just be sure to sew it back tightly so they can't come out and harm little ones. Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz would all be some great options for this.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as we have!

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