How to prepare for a Reiki Attunement

In our previous blog post 'What is a Reiki attunement?' the significance of a Reiki attunement was discussed.

To recap, The attunment is the energetic process and empowerment ritual, which connects the Reiki student with the Source of Reiki.

This connection allows for Reiki to flow through the student's body for self-treatments or for the hands on (or hands off) treatment of others.

Many students often wonder if there is anything that they need to do to prepare themselves for Reiki class. While preparations are not required, some people choose to take advantage of this incredible download of high vibrational energy by preparing their body, mind, and spirit to receive.

I generally suggest to begin preparations 7 days prior to your first day of Reiki class. I prefer the 7 day preparation, as it allows time for cleansing, stabalization, and balance to occur in greater fullness than a shorter preparation time. However, this is not possible for some. Some students have found that 3 days prior is beneficial for their purposes.

Here are some suggestions to possibly incorporate into your personal preparations:

*Hydration – Water is an essential element in the body. Water is necessary for almost all biochemical processes, as well as for conducting energy properly throughout the body. Cells and organs healthy with proper amounts of fluids are able to conduct energy from the attunement more smoothly.

*Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs – Clarity of mind and intention is important in allowing yourself to receive in greater depth the healing blessings of an attunement procedure.

*Increase or Begin Meditation – Meditation cleanses the Third Eye Chakra and helps to create clarity within the energy field. A balanced third eye can more readily perceive energies around you. A clear energy body also creates a receptive energy to consciously welcome in Reiki.

*Eat high vibrational, living foods - Some avoid meat and dairy during this time depending on their guidance. Either way, vegetables and/or healthy salads should be incorporated liberally.

*Avoid stimulants – such as nicotine and caffeine. If you are unable to stop completely, you may wish to taper down.

*Use your devotional practices – what helps you to feel closer to inner peace & to All That Is?

Make this a priority. Create space for this in your daily life, leading up to your attunement.

*Journalling – Use some Reiki related journal prompts to explore your intentions and clarify your focus

*Be extra loving and gentle – Rest when you need to rest. Take a cleansing bath. Incorporate positive affirmations in place of a critical voice. In all things, ask, 'What would be most loving in this situation?'

*Support – Share with your supportive friends. Detox negativity from your life, where you can. Celebrate the beauty of what you are receiving!

There are so many ways to take extra care of mind/body/spirit in your preparations for the Reiki attunement. In short, be kind to yourself in every way possible!

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