What is a Reiki Attunement?

What is a Reiki attunement?

A Reiki attunement is a significant part of a Reiki class, and arguably what most students look forward to the most.

The attunement is the energetic process and empowerment ritual, which connects the Reiki student with the Source of Reiki. This connection allows for Reiki to flow through the student's body for self-treatments or for the hands on (or hands off) treatment of others.

Originally, Reiki attunements were offered by the Japanese founder of Reiki, Usui Sensei, through recitation of sacred writings, singing/chanting, or through the student's sincere presence and study of the teachings in a Reiki class accompanied by the intention of Usui Sensei. Over the years, this attunement procedure was refined to a specific standardized process which ensures a dynamic transfer of Reiki energy for every student.

During a Reiki attunement:

*A Certified Reiki Master Teacher serves as the bridge between Reiki and student, initiating the energetic process that serves to facilitate the direct connection between Reiki energy & the student.

*The student has their eyes closed during the attunement procedures. Contact occurs on the top of the head, back of the head, shoulders, and hands.

*Energy channels are created within the energy body of the student, allowing for Reiki to flow through body and hands.

*These energy channels, allow for Reiki to be available to flow through the student's body and hands (to themselves or others) for the remainder of their lifetime.

*A direct connection between the Reiki student and the Reiki Source is made.

*The Chakra energy and energy body of the student increases in vibrational rate allowing for a new, elevated baseline vibrational rate. This increase of vibration is necessary to allow for a smooth flow of high vibrational Reiki energy through the practitioner's body and hands.

*The vibrational increase accelerates spiritual development and results in powerful healing and transformation. Old blockages of energy and wounds of the student are released and healed. The attunement initiates a powerful, energetic cleansing process which continues after the attunement, resulting in student's often feeling lighter, greater sense of health and wellness, peace, stronger unification in mind/body/spirit integration.

*A Reiki attunement is a spiritual rite of passage. Many students have had profound visions, messages, and sensations from Spirit Guides and the Source of Reiki, during their attunement.

*Each Reiki level has a different accompanying attunement to that Reiki level. Ex: Reiki I student will receive the Reiki I attunement. A Reiki II student will receive the Reiki II attunement, etc.

*An in-person Reiki attunement is necessary for Certification in any Reiki level. Attunments are only conducted in person. Despite our technological advances and the popularity of distance learning, Reiki students attend a Reiki class, in person.

*Immediately upon the conclusion of a Reiki attunement, Reiki can be called upon for healing. At the end of all of the Reiki I attunements I offer, we begin the Student's first self-treatment. This is a very meaningful moment to feel the energy flowing through the body for the first time!

*There are Reiki practitioners of every spiritual and religious or non-religious background

. The “mystery” of the attunement may cause some nervousness for students of certain faith backgrounds. It is important to understand that Reiki does not conflict with any religious faith. My experience as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, has demonstrated that student's relationship with the Source of Reiki (the Divine), according to their own understanding, deepens profoundly after a Reiki class.

As you can see, Reiki attunements are powerful, and deeply personal initiations. Some people prefer to prepare energetically for their Reiki attunements. While this is not necessary, you may wish to see how you can best prepare for your Reiki attunement, in the next blog post.

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