Learning Reiki: Answers from a Reiki Master Teacher

Welcome to the Learning Reiki series – this is a new blog series for Reiki students to answer many Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki. If you would like to join us in mystical Sedona for a Reiki class, you can see the current schedule here.

In a Reiki I class, each student is empowered with the Reiki I attunement (the process which allows Reiki to flow through the body and hands of the student). As the class unfolds, each student begins to practice offering Reiki to others. Inevitably, the question arises, “How do I know when to move my hands from one position to another?”

In Reiki, each person's energy presentation is unique. Their level of blockage or reduced energy is dispersed in a unique way. For this reason, it is important for the practitioner to approach each session in a fresh and responsive way rather than using a standardized formula for treatment. This practice provides the most optimal result for restoration of Ki flow.

After working with Reiki, many students begin to receive intuitive guidance during the treatments. This can come in a variety of forms, for some they may see disturbances in the energy field, some may feel drawn to one area, some may have a “knowing” that directs them, some feel fluctuations in sensations in their hands as they move over the body. Intuitive information can flow in so many wonderful ways and often is a combination of factors.

When one is tapped into this guidance and in Unity with Reiki, knowing when to move your hands to another position happens smoothly.

When you are receiving the guidance and direction to move, from Reiki, the sensations that come to you will feel peaceful, loving, and directed. It will be clear that it is time to move. You may know immediately where to go or you may know as your hands begin to move. Either way, the transition is calm, gentle, knowing.

When you are receiving the direction from your own mind to move (and not from Reiki), you may feel restless, unsettled, anxious, or stressed. The sensation is often uncomfortable on some level. If there is discomfort and restlessness, this is the hallmark of the mind's influence.

If you notice these sensations, it can help to give your mind something to do. One of my favorite tools is using mantra ~ a repetitive 'Om' (internally) or 'This body/mind/Spirit is healed completely with Divine love now'. In the past, I have also used a visualization of a stick of bamboo – hollow on the inside. Allowing myself to become this stick of bamboo – moving the awareness of thought, and Self to the edges of my energy body, creating a larger space for Reiki.

Remember that the hallmarks of Reiki are the Divine love and peace that one feels when both offering and receiving Reiki.

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