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24 Best gifts for the Spiritual People in your life

This post may contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you - should you agree that these are the most spectacular finds and you decide to make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation. This never influences the decision and we only share what we really love.

Finding just the right gift for your Spiritual friend or family member can be tricky - especially if they have the tendency just go ahead to order whatever they need!

But this curated list ensures that you find all the best spiritual gifts that they have never encountered

and are sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from them and anyone else in the room!

You also can celebrate that you are:

1. Not giving Jeff Bezos all of your money.

2. Supporting small businesses when they need it most - especially in 2020

3. Everything ships from the United States

4. AND if you order now everything can be here before Christmas (as of 12/1)

So you can feel good about what you are giving and know that it helps those that really need it in 2020 and makes your friend and Loved One smile with a really GREAT gift that they are sure to love.

Here are our top 24 nominees for Best gift for the Spiritual People in your life:

Archangel Michael is the Archangel that represents protection, safety, and serves as the defender of the will of God. He also protects travelers. This pendant is worn as a symbol of God's peace and energetic protection.

Photo Credit: Handmade Ohio Shop

Also available here in rose gold color

The Angelic Tuning Forks is a set of 3 energetic tuners - 4096hz, 4160hz, 4225hz and includes a malet and velvet bag.

By striking the tuners and creating sound vibration, the frequency lifts your energy and supports connection with the Angelic Realms.

Christina says, 'I love these tuners. They do wonders for lifting vibrations! You can even use one to help to clear any negative energy from your crystals.'

Photo credit of tuners: Cosmic Access

A perfect gift for the tea lover!

Fill the mesh ball with a favorite loose leaf tea and dunk the ball into the mug for a special treat with an extra energy boost.

Stone/Crystal options:

Rose Quartz, White Druzy, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Faceted Cut Natural Agate, Natural Jasper, Green Jasper, Aventurine, Amethyst

Photo credit: Paper Balloon shop

Everyone needs a reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, like a cup of hot tea. This sweet reminder is hand stamped on vintage spoons and perfect for stirring honey.

Photo credit: Studio by the Shore

This Tulsi tea blend is full of relaxing and nourishing herbs to open the heart and aid in relaxation. Tulsi is known as being an herb to support the quest for enlightenment. The perfect gift for someone who needs a little extra love and care right now.

According to Diving Love Tea Co.,

'This delightful and aromatic tea blend combines roses, lavender, honeysuckle, chamomile, and Holy basil in a flavorful mix that will fill you with an abundance of love while relieving you of all of your stress.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) is an adaptogen that is known for its calming effects. It is said to reduce stress and anxiety. It can, also, be used as a detox as it is great at fighting off inflammation.'

Photo Credit: Divine Love Tea Co.

Mica Organics says, 'Women's Nourishing Tea. A beautiful blend of red raspberry, nettle and oatstraw. These three herbs work synergistically to give you a delicious and nourishing cup of tea.'

This tea is for women of all ages who want to enjoy a cup of delicious herbal tea that is made to support and strengthen the Feminine energies of the body.

Photo Credit: Mica Organics

Gorgeous one of a kind Mug bearing the symbol and colors of the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the energy center of the body that expresses love, compassion, gratitude, trust, acceptance, and generosity.

What better way to start the day than with this gentle reminder of love and compassion.

Sadly, this mug is a true one of a kind - so grab it quickly before it is gone!

Photo Credit: Sacred Space Pottery

UPDATE: This Mug has now sold, but you might like these:

Dragonfly is the Animal of transformation, evolution, and breaking through your own limitations. In some cultures dragonflies are omens of good luck or prosperity.

This hand thrown mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Photo Credit: Florida Pottery Studio

UPDATE: This Mug has now sold, but you might like these:

The Third Eye Chakra is the energy center of intuition, awareness, vision, and mindfulness.

You know that friend who is into yoga, meditation, and the great outdoors? This is the perfect accessory for keep the sun out of their eyes - all 3 of them!

Photo Credit: Jiva Sankalpa

Nature inspired, Native American made mixed media earrings.

MisiZiibi says, 'Indigenous meets Mid-Century Modern :)'

Tribal affiliation: Anishinaabe/Ojibwe

Perfect for that modern Boho friend! Only one of these available, but supporting authentic native craft is a great opportunity for investing in quality, wearable art and supporting the artisan too!

Photo Credit: MisiZiibi

Sedona calls to many, no matter where you are in the world. And for those who have Sedona in their heart and Soul, this artisan ring is the way for them to honor their special place. Bonus - it is a unisex ring.

This artist also has a matching bracelet too

Photo Credit: Phxfox

Made to last of quality Pendleton wool with soft linen from Europe interior. 4 pockets. This bag is bigger than the picture makes it appear!

Wool Linen Mercantile says, 'This wool bag is different and makes a statement. Made from Pendleton wool, it is made to last for years. This would be a great travel bag, camping bag, shopping bag, weekender, or laptop carrier. I cannot tell you how great the wool feels. Lined with linen from Europe to complete a classy yet casual look. '

Photo Credit: Wool Linen Mercantile

Every parent needs a little extra encouragement and support! These Conscious cards are just the trick with 52 affirmation cards written by real mothers.

The Renegade Mama says, 'Evidence-based research shows that affirmations, like prayer, actually change the brain on a cellular level—in other words, what you think about matters—a lot. “Thoughts have a direct connection to your health,” says Dr. Joseph Dispenza, author of Physics, the Brain and Your Reality'.

Photo Credit: The Renegade Mama

These fun sensory jars come in every color (full Home Edit style!).

Peace and Pixie says, 'Use these bottles for sensory stimulation. Feel the weight of the liquid creating waves of glitter and watch as it floats down.

The glitter slowly settling reminds us that our minds must settle to live in the moment and think clearly.'

'Sometimes you just want to look at something beautiful.'

Great for kids or for those who need just a little Extra in their lives right now.

Photo Credit: Peace and Pixie

This selenite charging plate is great for anyone who loves crystals. Selenite cleanses and charges your jewelry or healing crystals when you place them on top of the plate.

It saves so much time, so you always have crystals full of positive energy whenever you need it.

The selenite is sourced ethically from a selenite co-op in Morocco that ensures good working conditions and a living wage.

Crystals Ahoy says, 'Selenite works by flowing light energy into your life and opening the channels for more of a connection with your higher self. This calls for transformation that is beneficial and ever so important as it offers light into our very being.'

Photo Credit: Crystals Ahoy

Finding a place to properly display your special crystals can be quite the challenge. For the crystal lover, this is a beautiful way to highlight a few special pieces.

Photo Credit: The Heart Casa

17. Large Wood Pyramid Crystal Display

This is a stunning piece and much higher quality than I typically see in crystal displays. Made of handcrafted Mahogany *gasp!

This is for the person with a bigger crystal collection or someone who just needs a little extra room to organize crystals or essential oils.

Definitely a showstopper!

Photo Credit: Seashell Craft

Every granola buddy needs a candle for positive energy emergencies. Thank goodness Wax on Fire has it covered.

The Good Vibes Only candle is made of soy wax, natural ingredients, and is clean burning.

They say, 'Each of our products at Wax on Fire are carefully hand crafted using only the best, natural ingredients. Most importantly, we are 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.'

Photo Credit: Wax on Fire

Flower Moon Reiki says,

'Palo Santo & Sage Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Soap is a luxury organic bar with powerful energy healing intention. It has been crafted to release tension and negative energy - restoring a more centered and positive vibration.

A powerful blend of 7 organic essential oils including precious, sustainably harvested Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood - mindfully chosen for their cleansing and purifying qualities, these essential oils invite the energetic benefits of the ancient and sacred act of smudging.

The scent leads with Palo Santo and Sage, balanced with herb, spice, and gentle wood notes - every layer of the scent has a purpose.'

UPDATE: This soap blend has now sold, but you might like these:

Photo Credit: Flower Moon Reiki

These Chakra flags are inspired by Prayer Flags of Tibet. The flags can be hung either inside or outside and serve as a support for balancing and harmonizing the body and spiritual energy.

A beautiful asset to a yoga or meditation space or a garden.

Photo Credit: Hands of Tibet

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for absorbing and healing fear based energies, low vibration, and negative energy. This necklace is great for Empaths, energy sensitive people, or stressed people.

You can choose the chain style and the crystal to make sure you get exactly the right one for your loved one.

Photo Credit: The Rock star Girl

It can be hard to find just the right look for Men's jewelry, but this bracelet shines in both from and function!

Stones included- Black Tourmaline, black onyx, lava stone, labradorite, hematite, Gray Tiger Eye

All heavy hitters in the crystal healing world, you may even consider them Master healing crystals. This stone combination strengthens and shields, harmonizes and calms the wearer, and repels negative energy.

Photo credit: Tidal Chimes Jewelry

You are probably seeing ads like this all over the place, but with musical instruments - size makes all the difference in tone and strength of vibration. This is a great deal on a 12 inch steel tongue drum.

Playing the soothing tones can be perfect for meditation, relaxation or for that friend who loves sound healing or worldly items.

Made to last with quality instruction. A gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Photo Credit: Mick Yvetten

Your plant based or Vegan loved one will appreciate this super soft Herbivore shirt, available in lots of colors.

Nice Modern fit with a simple design so they can share their values and connect with fellow animal lovers.

Photo Credit: 7 Sages

Vita Juwel says, 'ViA is a BPA-free glass bottle. It features a pod filled with one of several carefully selected gemstone blends. Crystals infuse your water with subtle vibrations: Thus “crystal water”. The gems are sealed inside the pod to prevent contamination. Enjoy the gems’vibes without worries.'

This particular crystal water bottle infuses the loving, kind energy of Rose Quartz,

the peaceful energy of Amethyst,

and the clarifying energy of Clear Quartz into every bottle of water!

Photo Credit: Official Vita Juwel

Etsy also published a Earth-friendly gift guide, which you can find HERE. It is nice to see companies celebrating Earth-friendly options too!


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