Is Reiki a Religious practice?

Is Reiki a Religious Practice? By Christina Wooten, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, in Sedona, AZ

Is Reiki Religious?

As many people learn about Reiki, the question inevitably pops up, “Is Reiki a religious practice?”

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that transmits Universal Life Force energy to the client for healing and increased Chi/Ki/Prana energy. This energy is channeled through the practitioner and absorbed through the client’s chakras (energy centers) and Auric field. This technique was discovered by a Japanese man, named Mikao Usui.

Is Reiki Buddhist?

Usui Sensei was a practicing Buddhist and many have wondered, “is Reiki a Buddhist practice?” We know that Usui Sensei was influenced by his Buddhism, as we review the symbol origins in Reiki level II.

However, Reiki is not a religious practice.

There are no religious or spiritual requirements to be met in Reiki. There are no structured tenants of belief. People of all paths and religions, practice Reiki, with benefit.

Reiki is Spiritual in Nature

While Reiki is not a religious practice, it is spiritual in nature. Many Reiki practitioners find that Reiki training and practice strengthens their chosen faith and increases awareness of their Divine connection.

Reiki training emphasizes spiritual practices such as meditation, breath work techniques, Service and helping others, and awareness of the body as being one component of the energy field.

Several students have found the information at Christian Reiki, helpful:

Has Reiki strengthened your Spirituality?

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