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Are Ghosts stuck?

If you have ever seen a paranormal television show, you may have seen many people (or one) gathered together to send an unfortunate Soul to the light. This is so common that in practice that it lends the question, 'Are ghosts really stuck?' 'Do ghosts really need people to send them to the light?'

In my line of work, ghosts are referred to as Earthbound Spirits. I think this terminology is significant as it has a dignity to it. It also correctly refers to them as an Earthbound Spirit.

There is a difference between the Spirit of your loved one that comes to visit, send you messages of comfort, and reminders that they are around and an Earthbound Spirit. So step 1, lets dive into that. An Earthbound Spirit is the Spirit of an individual that has chosen not to fully integrate into the Spirit world, staying attached to the Earthplane. This attachment is not a literal tether. It is a choice to limit their awareness to the Earthplane. This awareness may be connected with objects, places of significance for that Spirit, or historical sites, for example.

In the same way that incarnated Spirits (humans) are never separated from All That Is, Spirits who are Earthbound are never separated from the other side (In fact they are on the other side, just a different dimension!). During all incarnations, each person is surrounded by personal Spirit Guides, Protector Guides, and many more. Once the physical transition of death occurs, the work of the Guides doesn't stop. In fact for them, some may say that is when the real work starts! Should an Earthbound Spirit choose not to integrate fully into the Spirit world, the Spirit Guides continue to work with this Spirit to evolve their understanding while also honoring their free will. They let them know all of their options, how to move forward, and continue to check in and monitor the situation. They do not leave their charge behind.

Remember our Spirit Guides role is to support us, guide us, not to force us. Forcing someone to do something doesn't actually bring forward understanding, wisdom, or grace. Trust me when I say that actual Earthbound Spirits are really really rare (consider how many people have lived and successfully transitioned). Those that remain are actively being supported and helped by their Spirit Guides and the specialist helpers in Spirit that work in this area exclusively.

So, do we need Send them to the Light circles? In reality, No. They are always connected with the Light. They are aware of their connection with the light. When they are ready they will change their awareness and transition fully.


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