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What Spirit says about Chronic Anxiety

I'll share some messages that came through from Spirit regarding chronic anxiety. I have not edited this. (As always, please note that this is not medical opinion or advice. Please discuss your personal case with a licensed health care professional.)

Words from Spirit:

"Authenticity is when inner values are aligned with outer habits, ways of being, and beliefs. How to live a truly authentic life? One doesn't really know. It can be challenging.

One has to be able to acknowledge their shadow self or Crow medicine. Looking at the dark side, the shadow self, the potential. Crow is a counterbalance to White Eagle medicine. You have to be able to work with both.

Can you give unhealed parts of you your compassion? Does that mean engaging in unhealthy habits, like a glass of wine when one is in pain, or does it really mean giving yourself the love and hug you craved as a child and did not receive?

Where one is rejected is the greatest human pain and trauma.

This requires dolphin medicine (breathwork) to heal PTSD, trauma, and anxiety.

Chronic anxiety is the calling card of unhealed trauma. It is NOT an unnatural mind that has gone haywire. It is doing exactly what the mind is designed to do!

As children, upset = crying.

As adults, this is not seen as acceptable, so it becomes anxiety. It becomes an inner war waged on the self to repress.

Half of the world is traumatized in this way, which leads to a tipping point of playing out in group action or group consciousness as the perpetrator - doing to others exactly the pain imposed upon them. It is a reenactment.

Step 1 of healing is hearing the pain."

This is definitely a different perspective of anxiety and root causes. I hope Spirit will share more to continue to improve our understanding.


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