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7 Major Chakras free printable

The human body has an enormous capacity for healing! The very nature of all physical and emotional manifestation is pure energy.

While quantum physics and studies of consciousness show lots of intriguing evidence of this, more practically, coming to understand the human body on an energy level is much more directly and immediately applicable!

The 7 Major Chakras make up the foundation of how energy flows through the body. Believe it or not, you don't have to be gifted with the ability to see Auras and Chakras to come to understand them and their effects on your health, emotions, and who you are in the world!

Chakra is a Sankrit word meaning "Wheel of Light". It is called this because they appear as spinning orbs of colored light within specific, predictable locations of the human body. This Chakra System absorbs, distributes, and balances Ki (Life Force Energy) within the body. This Ki quality and quantity is essential for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

While there are tons of Chakras within the human body, there are only 7 Major Chakras. The other chakras play supporting roles for the 7 Major Chakras.

What makes a Chakra a "Major Chakra" is the significant quantity of energy being processed for distribution, and the overall significance to health when a blockage occurs or this Chakra becomes low in energy. Additionally, each Major Chakra is responsible for health of surrounding organs and their related processes, associated glands, as well as specific emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

The flow of Ki energy through the Chakra system is governed by the health of each Chakra, which is determined by the quality of consciousness (associated with that Chakra) that is being integrated in the daily life of an individual. When someone uses the gifts of consciousness that that Chakra offers, then that Chakra energy grows and maintains healthy levels. When someone has had difficulty in utilizing the consciousness of a chakra, either due to their beliefs, past trauma and experiences, or fear, then the chakra becomes under-utilized. This leads to an imbalance in their life - spiritual, emotionally, and ultimately physically.

A path to wellness, recovery, and health must encompass the

7 Major Chakras in order to be fully successful in long term healing.

The Chakras and energy system are a basis of many energy healing methods, the ancient practice of yoga, and many modern integrative health programs.

Each 7 Major Chakra corresponds to a Color and has dozens of associations (responsibilities).

To begin learning about the functions of the 7 Major Chakras and their locations, print out the FREE printable below.

This one page summary is perfect for learning the color, location, names, and primary functions of the 7 Chakras. Enjoy!

The 7 Major Chakras free printable

Reiki is the most powerful system of healing for the Chakras - to clear blockages and restore healthy Ki. Anyone can become sensitive to feeling the Chakras and learning how to heal them (for self and others).

To develop your healing capacity, join a Reiki 1 and 2 Certification Class with Christina Wooten or learn more here Or try Reiki here


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