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Sept 2018 energies ~ Weasel animal totem

This month, I decided to do a reading for the Universal energy influences for September 2018. In this reading, we look at the overall energy from the Animal Totem perspective. The Animal Totems are animal spirit guides, teachers, and keepers of sacred knowledge.

When reading this, keep in mind that your individual decisions determine how this influence directly affects your energy field this month.

Universal Animal Totem energy reading for September 2018

September's totem energy: 33 Weasel

Weasel energy is quick, fierce, focused, determined and known as a totem for it's energy of

*Stealth and


*Knowing – deep inner knowing, observation

Weasel moves quickly and stealthly observing all in it's path. Weasel energy is able, through this keen skill of observation, to discern truth that is under many layers. In this way, it has a similarity to owl's keen abilities to see beyond what is shown outright. Weasel is an strong ally to have and one that should never be underestimated.

When applied with love and understanding, this energy can help one come to a greater understanding of their natural strengths, weaknesses, and purpose. But weasel is stealthy and quick and doesn't hand over this awareness without being asked. Not only must you ask, but you must also be ready and willing to listen to the honest answer. When one isn't ready to let go of one's own Ego to hear these messages, weasel remains the quiet observer – choosing to divulge it's secrets to those that are willing to listen to hear the truth. This month, notice the hints and synchronicities that are there in your daily life. If you bring attention to this, and are ready – more will be revealed. Listen also in the feedback others give you this month. Perhaps you notice that co-workers, romantic partners, friends, or other associates compliment you more or are more willingly sharing feedback. You will notice more of this feedback this month. See what this points to – what is the greater message about your gifts, and areas of growth?

Weasel moves with purpose and does not waste energy. In this, weasel energy helps one to focus on what is important. Notice this month how you are guided to deal with priorities that may not have been on your particular top of the list. When the unexpected pops up and you feel re-routed, look gently at where weasel is rerouting you too. This will tell you where your energy is best spent this month, so pay attention to the guidance and dive deeper into it, rather than resisting.

Weasel moves quickly and trusts instincts and are bold at times. This energy teaches one to listen to their deeper instincts and trust themselves. If you have trouble with this or get confused at times, you may find that theme of trust comes up. If you notice conflicting information and you feel confused about a direction in your life, know you are being guided to work on your discernment to know deep within what to trust. Weasel can help you to work on your discernment and make the choice that is tuned for your vibration.

Work on not getting attached or bent out of shape. If you get hung up on something – you may get left behind by weasel's speed. So just follow the lead and check your ego at the door.

Beautifully, weasel energy helps one to make progress quickly and can give us the energy to realign in a speedy fashion, but one must be ready for the insights and be willing to accept them to make the most of this energy influence.


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