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8 Signs your Third Eye is Opening

Signs that your Third Eye is opening

I remember the exact time period that my primary energy language took a big shift from primarily Empathic (clear feeling), claircognizant (clear-knowing), clairaudient (clear-hearing) to also clairvoyance (clear-seeing).

I specifically recall the very first images of the Spirit world that I saw with my physical eyes and not in my mind's eye.

I wish I could tell you that it was a bright, glowing heavenly host, with arms outstretched, or profound images of my upcoming future. That is exactly what I had been expecting and waiting for!

I had literally spent years doing meditation to develop the clairvoyant channels. I must admit I was building it up. I was waiting on a magnificent, grand gesture from Spirit or to suddenly have the third eye fully open and see the spirit world as if it was a train station superimposed upon the physical world.

I had fallen into the common trap of belief that somehow clairvoyance was a million times better – more real – more authentic than the other intuitive impressions. Being proficient in all of them now, I can say with absolute certainty that they are all equally important. Clairaudience is equally awesome, etc.

I'm sure you have heard the phrase, the simplest answer is probably the right one. Well, all these dramatic expectations, years of effort, and finally, I see the first image of the spiritual dimension superimposed upon the physical world! gasp! Guess what it was? Something impactful and dramatic no doubt! Not exactly.

It was a squirrel! (#ghostsquirrel) I laugh every time I share this story and writing this is no exception. I love Spirit's sense of humor!

It was early evening, when I was returning to a place I was staying while on a vacation. In the front yard, among the deep green grass, just to the left of an imposing three story Victorian home, was a Spirit squirrel – rooting through the grass, taking some morsels into it's hands and bringing it to it's mouth. I watched as it moved positions, stood on hind legs at one point, and moved throughout the yard.

My luck, I thought, everyone else gets to see Angels, Spirit Guides, Energies moving about and here I am, just me and the squirrel!

Fortunately, that was just the hint of the door that had been opened. Having worked with Animal Totem energies for years and years, I completely understand why I saw an animal first and why the squirrel. It was 100% the most personal wink from Spirit. I didn't understand then, but now I realize it was perfect in every way! Hindsight really is 20/20.

While there was a definitive moment where things changed between seeing the Spirit world with my “eyes” and not just in the mind's eye, the process of fully opening the third eye took a long while of concerted effort. Some people are born with it. I was born with very clear empathic abilities and claircognizance, but clairvoyance took intention and honestly work for me to develop initially.

So looking back on the journey from seeing in my mind's eye to seeing the Spirit squirrel that threw me for a loop, to being a professional psychic medium where clairvoyance is now a very honed skill, I am sharing with you the signs and symptoms of your third eye opening.

These are the predominant characteristics that I experienced and that my students over the years have experienced.

If you notice any of these things in combination with your spiritual practice, you are on the right track. Consider this a sign of good things ahead!

8 Signs your Third Eye is Opening

1. Seeing light during meditation:

When I first started meditating as a teenager, I saw nothing but black. Dark, void, just nothing. However, over time as I was stretching the “muscle” and following certain types of meditation, I began to see images form within the minds eye, and later colors. The colors would shift from greens or blues, sometimes deep purples. I would also see bright flashes of white light, as if someone had been inside my head with a camera flash and took a picture. Sometimes, it was one flash, at others multiple flashes. Years, later I would be able to sustain meditation within a bright white light. But it all began with little bits of shifting smokey colors, eventually getting purer and brighter.

2. Buzzing sensation in the area of the third eye chakra:

Now this was a big one for me. I experienced months of buzzing in the area at the center of the forehead. I remember walking around at work and I kept touching my forehead to feel what was going on there. The sensation would last for hours, very intensely sometimes – almost to a point of feeling uncomfortable. It was as if someone had placed a light massager on the very point of the center of the forehead and just left it there or perhaps a bee fluttering it's wings hard against the forehead. I remember wishing it would stop sometimes. But for months on end, it would return every day. When I meditated, the buzzing got stronger also and then sometimes it would go away, to be replaced with a very peaceful feeling. Since the third eye opened fully, I don't recall the buzzing recurring.

3. Energy Headaches:

I aim to be a pretty straight shooter with you – and frankly, this sign of your third eye opening is no fun. The energy headaches began during the same time period of the buzzing sensation (although both the buzzing and headache did NOT happen at the same time). The headaches lasted on and off for some time, longer than the months of buzzing. They began at first pretty frequently, marked by a strong sense of pressure within the head, pain, and light sensitivity. This is also when I began to become aware of the third eye light sensitivity..the feeling of coming out of a darkened theatre after being there for years and being blinded by the noon sun. Having had migraines before, it had some similarity to this, but to a slightly lesser degree and different, although I can't describe the exact difference for you. It simply was different. It felt like so much energy was flowing into and out of my head that it hurt and was uncomfortable. I did occasionally take some ibuprofen which helped me get through this period and function like a (mostly) normal human being. Reiki and energy work also greatly relieved the pain, so that was always my first choice. The energy headaches became less frequent over time and eventually went away all together. I was thrilled to wave that sign goodbye!

4. Vivid dreams:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. In combination with the other signs, the vividness of the colors and realism of dreams became very intense.

5. Easier visualization in the mind's eye:

Visualizing things in my mind's eye became much easier. Instead of having to concentrate intensely to visualize something, the images came much more readily. It was a pretty stark difference.

6. Seeing Auras or glowing around someone:

When looking at someone with a very relaxed gaze, I would begin to see a light glow just a few inches from the surface of their body, extending. Sometimes, this would expand and I would begin to see other layers or colors or something kind of like a floater (from your eyes) next to someone's body or where their energy bubble is. The distortion would move with them. Initially, this worked best when I was really zoning out or in a super receptive state.

7. Seeing orbs or Spirit lights:

Seeing orbs or what are termed “Spirit lights” is another sign that your third eye is opening. This sign appears once some of that figurative nut has already been cracked. Seeing a flash of light in a room, colored dots in varying shapes, or several of them grouped together or one after another are Spirit lights. This usually initially appears towards the top or corner of the room. They can be seen in daylight or in the evening time. While, you are seeing this with your eyes others in the room will not see these flashes of lights or orbs, which will come as quite a surprise to you! This is evidence of picking up of surrounding energies and Spirit beginning to communicate with you or use your third eye “radio station”. These lights will show themselves in multiple environments, not just home – although there may be some places you tend to see them more than others.

8. Increased Sensitivity:

Accompanying all of these other changes is a general sense of heightened awareness of the energies around you. If you were sensitive before, the sensitivity kicks itself up several more notches. If you are thinking about something, intuitive information begins to come in with ease around that subject or idea. It is as if a whole new world is suddenly available to you! You won't have to work to call it up, it just begins to come into your awareness on its own.

When you start seeing several of these signs of the third eye opening, happening at once, you know you are on track to open the clairvoyant channels. While some of these experiences can be uncomfortable, continue your spiritual practices, take care of yourself, and the discomfort will eventually pass.


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