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How the Spirit World helps those that have passed violently

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When someone crosses over, the grief can feel like a devastating tsunami - ripping through your body, mind, and heart.

Even on good days, it can feel like carrying around a stone in your chest.

On top of this, some people pass in ways that are violent ... which adds another painful layer to process.

If you know someone who has passed away through violence, you may be especially concerned about them.

Wondering if they have crossed over and are they at peace?

When the Soul leaves the physical body behind, it also leaves the pain, confusion, fear, and anger behind. I've been told by Spirits that I've talked to that this shedding is as easy as taking off clothes.

For those that may be disoriented or need extra healing and restoration when they cross over, there is a special place where they are immediately taken.

This special place allows them to be surrounded constantly in a cocoon of unconditional, healing love. This healing feels like complete bliss and deep connection with the Divine.

This healing process releases all trauma around the way that a person passed and restores them in Divine love.

Those that have crossed over violently are receiving the greatest healing support that the other side can offer and there is no need to worry.

The Spirit Guides of those who have lost someone to violence would want you to know that your loved one is being cared for, and experiencing restorative, Divine love at this very moment. The best thing you can do is to work through your own pain and feelings of trauma that may arise.



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