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What to do in Sedona on a Rainy Day

What to do in Sedona on a rainy day

Sedona has a relatively consistent climate of warm sunny days and gorgeous blue skies. In mid-June, monsoon season rolls in, bringing occasional rains and epic thunderstorms. The monsoon season, mid-June through September, brings most of the rain Sedona will see during the year. You won't see more excited locals when the first drops begin to fall!

For those traveling through, rest assured there are a good many experiences to get the most of your time even if it does happen to rain.

Other than hiking and outdoor activities, there are so many uplifting and nurturing experiences to choose from on a rainy day. Your biggest challenge will be how to do it all!

*Schedule an uplifting chakra balancing, Reiki healing treatment or get some insight and a new perspective with a quality psychic reading. Check your weather in advance though, these sessions may be more difficult to schedule day-of, so be prepared.

*Visit a few of the local crystal shops. Touchstone Gallery in Uptown Sedona has some large specimens. Crystal Magic in West Sedona has a great variety of pocket stones and general, spiritually themed items to peruse.

*Visit one of Sedona's world-class spas for an Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old natural healing system with roots in the Vedic culture of India. Sessions with warm, herb infused oils are a rainy day favorite.

*Try a float tank session for a unique sensory deprivation experience for mind and body.

*Yoga - check out a local yoga class. Seven Centers yoga occasionaly holds class in the yurt. The soft pitter patter of the rain on the clear dome and the canvas is very atmospheric!

*Have lunch in a restaurant with views. During a heavy rain, Sedona has many great waterfalls and epic cloud cover. It is a sight worth seeing. The restaurants in Enchantment resort are a good option or Mariposa in West Sedona. Or for something a little more budget friendly, Chipotle in Uptown next to the Visitor's Center has great views.

*Go Kombucha tasting! There are many great places to grab a quick Kombucha, but how about local Kombucha with several varieties on tap? There is a great market in Oak Creek Canyon with just such a thing! (Indian Gardens Market)

*How about tasting teas from all over the world? There are a couple of places, a retail location off 179 and a local coffee shop, in Sedona, carrying a variety of teas, with rich, complex flavors and history. These tea spots are often very generous with their time and knowledge of tea. This is a great way to learn, experience, and warm up.

(Trailhead tea has a great variety)

*There is no shortage of inspiring galleries in Sedona! You may even peruse works offered directly from the artist. On the right day, you may even be lucky enough to meet the artist or enjoy a demonstration.

*Occasionally there are offerings of Conscious Cinema. Check the theatre listings for options.

*There are a wealth of great experiences, from yoga classes, jewelry making, talks at the library, sound healing concerts, free Native American flute concerts, vortex talks, crystal skull meditations, spiritual classes, and special events. Check out the Visit Sedona calendar and community event calendars for what is happening.

*Many people describe Vortex energy at The Chapel of the Holy Cross. It has a beautiful architecture and was commissioned by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright; it also has indoor access, beautiful views, and a very peaceful energy. While the short walk from parking to the chapel may be a little wet, it is worth it, for a great spot for meditation and connection.

*Want a pick me up with therapeutic benefits? Arrange a visit at one of the Essential Oil stores for fragrant fun with aromatherapy.

A dreaded rainy day in Sedona is a thing of the past! Sedona is home to a rich and vibrant culture, and there is never a shortage of quality and meaningful experiences to add to your day.

Originally written in June 22, 2015, Updated June 15, 2018.


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