Finding Relief Through Reiki

This article was originally published in the Natural Triad, July 2008 edition. Client's name changed and case study used with permission.

Catherine was in the midst of a particularly difficult period in her life. During the Christmas holidays, she had begun to experience dizziness and severe neck pain, which after a seemingly endless barrage of tests (Brain MRI, Spinal MRI, Neck CAT scan, Brain MRA, and Neck MRA) and $5,000 worth of healthcare expenses, remained unresolved.

After evaluations by ear specialists, orthopedics, and neurologists, she was diagnosed with neck compression between the fifth and sixth vertebrae. Armed with her new diagnosis, Catherine bravely began physical therapy in hopes that this would ease the pain which had now overtaken her life. Unfortunately, the physical therapy only increased her pain.

By the time Catherine began her first Reiki treatment, she had spent four months in bed. Her life- which had been full of social engagements, a successful career, and quality time with her family - now seemed like a distant memory. The frustration, depression, hopelessness, and pain all became overwhelming.

Catherine's healing journey began immediately after her first Reiki treatment. For the first time in four months, she was able to join her family for dinner that evening at a restaurant! The pain was still present but wasn't as consuming as before, and she had more energy and stamina.

Catherine began weekly treatments and was given specific meditations and other tools that she could use at home to continue to improve her well-being on a daily basis. After only three Reiki treatments, she excitedly exclaimed, "I feel like my old self again!" Her energy and stamina level continued to improve; her pain lessened until it was hardly noticable some days and entirely manageable on others. The days in the bed all day were long gone and she was finally able to be an active participant in her life again! During her treatments, she also found that she was able to release a lot of "emotional baggage" and "negativity" and was once again hopeful, positive, and looking forward to her future.

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that is known for the unparalleled relaxation that people experience as they undergo a treatment, as well as the emotional healing that typically occurs as the chakras (energy centers in our body) return to balance and release dysfunction. As the chakras release old baggage and patterns that do not serve our highest purpose, many find their stress levels decrease dramatically and that they are able to make choices with greater clarity, that support greater happiness and wellness.

Many people have been less aware however of the physiological benefits one also experiences with Reiki. Reiki greatly accelerates the natural healing process of the body, boosts the immune system, improves quality of sleep, counteracts the undesirable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation - particularly fatigue and nausea, and improves circulation.

Reiki is non-invasive with no medication side-effects and is done using either light touch or no-touch techniques. No-Touch techniques are of particular advantage for those who are suffering from fibromyalgia or particular injuries which are sensitive to even light pressure.

Reiki practitioners are a part of many Integrative Medicine hospital programs, and are also recognized by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In fact, some hospitals have even brought Reiki practitioners into the operating room to work with the patient as they receive surgery! Many Hospice & Palliative Care units allow Reiki practitioner to work with their patients. This energy work with the elderly allows for increased pain relief, less agitation, more vocalization, a more organized thought process, and when it's time a peaceful passing.

Catherine's journey is just one of many inspirational stories. Oftentimes people who suffer from chronic pain are so overwhelmed seeking answers that may perhaps never be found and attemptiong to alleviate their pain, that their emotional health and well-being is neglected. The pain itself eventually takes its toll. Reiki can offer comfort, peace, and healing to those who are seeking refuge from the burden of chronic pain.

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