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How to add Positive Energy to your Home

The Earth is changing now, and it is now more than ever that lightworkers, energy sensitive people, and even the less sensitive, create a sanctuary and calming space to support the transformation.

Over the years, I have performed several home and business clearings and blessings as well as work closely with the land, the plants, the trees - and these experiences have taught me a few things to seem relevant to share.

In general, in a home, the environment needs to breathe. There is movement, much like the breath - marked by the inhale and exhale as well as nourishing stillpoint. You may see this as the balance of yin and yang or masculine and feminine. The important thing is to seek to balance this flow of movement and stillness. In Chinese practice of Feng Shui - positive Chi is known as the dragon's breath and honoring these energies fully creates an auspicious and energizing home or office space. One wishes to maximize and amplify the dragon's breath presence in your home or office. If you have an open floor plan, which is popular these days - the importance of creating the balance between moving and stalling the dragon's breath is even more important.

Briefly I will share a few tools for uplifting the energy. As I won't be at your home to determine your feng shui, directions, and the energy of your land, simply follow your intuition to know the best additions for your home and where they will be optimally located.

Plants - A great chi generator. Keep in mind the energy of your plants - ex: I have aloe in the home, as it is a succulent appropriate for the area and in harmony as well as a healing, soothing plant. It brings this healing energy to its surroundings (and is great for burns and smoothies!) You may also look into air purifiers or wider leaf plants for weath energies. Flowers in good health can provide a temporary burst of high vibration energy, particularly when they are organic or natural.

Chimes - outside, can be used indoors and they even make solar charged moving chimes for interior windows - this can add the beautiful power of sound frequency

A drum

think of colors - : how do you use colors in art, furniture, or on the walls? What do they represent? purple can bring a spiritual feel, green - heart centered, growth, natural or yellows - power, strength, boldness

Fountains or fish tank (well kempt) - high chi generators - usually not ideal for bedrooms or areas of rest.


sacred geometry suncatchers or colored glass suncatchers

rainbow generators


Crystals - there are so many wonderful crystals. Determine what energy you need in the area to narrow down best choices. Selenite, Amethyst, Celestite, Rose Quartz as well as many others are all great for the home.


light placement - light energizes, so what are you energizing? What is being under energized by your light scheme.

Mirrors, help bounce energy around, but can be a little tricky as they also magnify so keep this in mind.

pictures or statuary of animal totems

Reiki symbols (both drawn energetically or literal). In my office, I have the Master symbol written under the rug. It is lovely. You may particularly consider this if you live or work on an upstairs floor and have neighbors below you.

sacred geometry forms

Natural items, such as dried sage, pieces of cedar, palo santo, or sweet grass, fur or animal totem items (gifted from the Earth)

Music - particularly new age ambient or relaxation music, classical music. This is a great way to use certain tones you like - specific hz or solfeggio tones, etc.

A Crystal singing bowl or metal singing bowl

Prayer flags

Rugs - grounding forces

salt lamps - cleansing energy. I have found them to be very helpful in Children's rooms.

Bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, safe nesting boxes

Don't store things under your bed, if at all possible.

You may also review your furniture placement. Clutter or unorganized books on a bookcase can lower vibrations. Unorganized closets, stale energy, dirt, unused rooms, piled laundry can make an undesirable difference.

Enjoy the sanctuary that you create!

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