7 Day Reiki Challenge!

Reiki Works! Those who have been touched by Reiki know this.

The clinical trials show it (see an earlier blog post http://www.sedonamedium.com/#!Reiki-Clinical-Trials/c17jj/561ff3040cf2c3576e5ffe1d )

This is a call to all Reiki Practitioners!

Let us create a cascade of Healing energy for the Planet and all sentient beings.

Let this energy help all to AWAKEN to their own healing abilities and inherent wholeness.

Let this energy GUIDE us to our highest expression.

Let this energy bring REMEMBERING of our Unity.

If you are Reiki I and therefore not yet able to provide Distance Reiki,

you may wish to participate by doing the following:

*offer Reiki to someone or something for 10 mins a day, for 7 days. All people and energies are interconnected. When you offer Reiki to one, you offer it to all.

*offer Reiki to the Earth by activating Reiki energy and directing it with your hands to a place in the Earth.

Share with other Reiki practitioners!!

Feel Free to Share your Experiences with all participants in the Comment section below!

No time limit. No specific dates. Let's make this revolving. A continuous cascade, so at all times many from around the world are sending Reiki!

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