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Top 4 Messages from those who have Crossed Over

I love doing Psychic Medium readings in Sedona!

I've had the wonderful opportunity to read for people from all over the world ~ different cultures, different backgrounds, varied race, sexuality, gender, and creeds.

These individuals come with Loved Ones who have crossed over, with equal diversity. And with all of this variation, most messages fall into one of four main categories, if you were to boil it down.

1. "I'm Sorry"

Once Spirits cross over, they are afforded a whole new perspective. Often this comes with greater understanding of their own lives, motivations, and lessons. Suddenly one is freed of the patterns of the body and the trappings of the brain. The most stubborn curmudgeon, often softens and reaches a greater self-realization than perhaps they achieved while still in the body. Readings give many spirits who have matured the opportunity to take responsibility in a way they were not able to before. Some take the opportunity to make amends, ask forgiveness, offer a new perspective, and to share their growth. These messages can be healing to both recipient and giver.

2. "Thank you"

Some Loved Ones use the opportunity to celebrate the recipient. This is always beautiful!

Sometimes, a loved one who crossed suddenly has the opportunity to reach out - some, to affirm a difficult end of life decision. Some that were unable to communicate prior to their passing, share gratitude and appreciation for the care and support received. Many come through to acknowledge the special place that person held in their heart.

3. "I'm Here"

As a Psychic Medium, I experience daily, affirmation of the continuity of life. Spirit loves to offer messages of hope, honor accomplishments that they may or may not have been in the body to physically witness, and provide evidence of their continued awareness of the happenings in their loved one's lives. This is very healing and a wonderful reminder that relationships continue beyond the physical body. Some even come through to validate conversations had, dream visits, and claim responsibility for that lamp flickering.

4. "I love you"

Spirit likes to take the opportunity to send their love. When you tune into your loved one that has crossed over, you may feel the sensation of love wash over you. During readings they have the opportunity to give this sensation, energy, and feeling, words. An 'I love you' from Spirit is always genuine, intentional, and heart-felt.

Looking at these messages, it is easy to get a clear understanding of what is truly important in life. Human life is fleeting. What matters most is the love that is shared. These are great reminders to take the opportunities we have today to share our own messages of love with our loved ones who have crossed over, and those right in front of us!

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