"Why do I twitch/move in a Reiki session?"

Reiki healing sessions are full of powerful energies that facilitate healing and spiritual awakening for the individual receiving Reiki (and even those taking a Reiki class).

Perhaps you have been on the Reiki table when you felt involuntary twitches, spasms, even vocalizations? It is clear that energy is moving, but what exactly is happening and why?

This common experience is an example of a "kriya". During spiritual awakening experiences, Kundalini energy can be released from the root chakra of the energy system. This Kundalini energy helps one to transition from one state of consciousness to another.

Kundalini energy is a special form of life force energy that generally remains dormant at the base of the spine, in the Root Chakra energy location. When Kundalini is awakened, the energy travels up the spine, activating the chakras above. This influx of potent energy

facilitates release of blockages & advanced healing. As the energy travels through the channel of energy at the spine through the chakras, it awakens the energies necessary for enlightenment to occur. Enlightenment is said to occur when this energy reaches the Crown Chakra, at the top of the head.

As the Kundalini energy is released, there is a stretching of the energy system which helps the system to adjust to the new frequency.

I liken this to upgrading the wiring of an electrical system when the load is increasing. This is necessary to insure there is no "shorting out". It is a natural and unconscious reaction of the energy body to the energy activating the nervous system.

This stretching results in the involuntary spasms, twitching, jerking movements, and vocalizations that are occasionally experienced on the Reiki table. This stretching helps to clear out any further blockages and impediments to the natural flow of Kundalini energy. In an extended Kundalini awakening experience, many other symptoms can be experienced. In the case of a healing session, one often experiences the preparatory spasms, jerking, and involuntary twitching.

Not every Reiki or healing experience will result in a preparation for Kundalini release or actual release of this life force potential. This occurs naturally as the Higher Self and energy body determine preparedness.

To further facilitate this process, deep spiritual practice, deep meditation, pranayama, and regular yogic practice support the integration of these energies and increase potential benefits. As the potential for Kundalini awakening during a healing session exists, working with a Reiki practitioner that is knowledgeable in Kundalini energy and release can be helpful.

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