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How to have a Zen Zoom connection

Starting Zoom for the first time?

If learning another new tech platform has you feeling like...

then, step one is to take some deep breaths. I'm here for you!

Remember -

* Everyone has to start somewhere.

* You are living, breathing stardust, my friend! If you can master that, then with a little help, Zoom can be a breeze!

Follow these tips to get started, so you can have an uplifting Zoom experience..

Zoom is a video conferencing program with many great features.

While getting started with Zoom and any new technology can feel intimidating at first, the process is manageable, even if you don't have a strong techy background!

Here is what you will need to get started:

* A computer connected to the internet so you can access or

* A phone or tablet with the Zoom app downloaded

* A strong internet connection (see below for how to test)

* Optional - A phone or tablet stand to allow you to have free hands for the duration of the video call.

To test your internet connection:

To use Zoom or any video conference, you need a faster internet connection to avoid frequent pauses in your connectivity.

You can test your internet connection here:

For optimal connection, your upload speed is the one you really want to pay attention to. Ideally having a 2 mbps or above is fantastic. Zoom can function with less, but 2 will keep your connection nice and smooth.

Some tips for your internet connection:

1. If you have a slower internet speed, it will be helpful to ensure that others are not also using the internet at the same time as your call. Especially if they would be gaming, streaming video, or using Zoom or video conferencing themselves.

2. Some hotels or shared wifi don't have very strong internet to go around. Try to set up your call for a time of day when less people are using the internet. For example, in Sedona most people are out hiking in the earlier half of the day and return to their rooms in the afternoon. So an 11:00am Zoom appointment will have better connectivity than a 3pm appointment, usually.

3. If you are uncertain, try testing your internet connection speeds at multiple times during the day. See if there is a pattern for your best connectivity time. If you aren't sure you will remember to do this, make it easy on yourself! Bookmark the speed test page and set a reminder on your phone to test at 11am, 1pm, 3pm MST. Do for a couple of days to see your average best time.

3. Some internet providers will allow you to temporarily bump up the quality of your service for a day. It can be worth it to ask your provider if your connection is very slow.

4. The most important tip of all: don't forget to whisper sweet nothings and positive affirmations to your computer and internet connection at all times...

Setting up your Zoom account:

This article can help you get started setting up your Zoom account for the first time.

Getting your Zoom meeting link:

If you made your Psychic Medium Reading or Soul Reading appointment for Zoom, then you will receive an e-mail from or usually the day before your appointment. Make sure that you add both e-mail addresses to your contacts in the e-mail address you signed up with to make sure it doesn't end up in Spam. This is important also to allow you to easily receive your recording after a 60 minute session.

The subject line for this e-mail is, "Zoom link for your Reading"

To log into the Zoom session for your Reading:

To start your session, make sure that you are signed in to your Zoom account either at or on the Zoom mobile app.

Click on the link in the e-mail. You will be entered into the waiting room and Christina will let you in when it is time for your session to start.

Once you enter the session, you will turn on your video and your audio.

Tip for your Zoom Psychic Medium Reading or Soul Reading:

Have your questions printed out, rather than on the same device you are connecting via Zoom video conferencing. This way you won't have to bounce around from program to program, which is confusing if you are new to Zoom.

Special notes about the recording:

If you selected a 60 minute Psychic Medium Reading or a Soul Reading, your session will be recorded by Audio.

The MP3 file will be sent to you following the session, typically later that evening.

Please be sure that you have added and to your contacts with the e-mail you signed up for your reading with, to ensure that your recording does not end up in Spam.

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