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Generalized trauma & Reiki

Think back on a time when you got food poisoning or ill after eating a certain food. Shortly after, you may have been presented with that food again. Low and Behold nausea and queasiness returns and you avoid that food for a good long while.

This is an example of a critical component of learning. When exposed to a stimulus with significant negative consequences – the brain stores this information in memory.

The emotion of it all, anchors this in, to create a stronger remembrance. The stronger the negative emotional response, the stronger the memory is solidified into the brain. This ensures that those negative memories are not forgotten and the association stays with you into present day.

This has valuable and important evolutionary functions. For example, you are wild foraging. You misidentify something and eat a plant that causes acute distress to the digestive system. This association and memory will carry forward and remind you to be cautious. Also, you fall into water and almost drown, you may develop a caution or fear of all water after this. Or you are bitten by a snake, you will be extra aware in the future to avoid a snake bite.

This generalization has useful elements for our species survival, so it is a critical component of the brain. One can see easily why this ability can be useful pertaining to physical survival.

But what happens when an emotional trauma occurs? This is treated in a similar way in the mind and energy system of a person. Say “Jane” has two very negative relationship experiences. She may begin to develop generalizations and beliefs which will affect her approach of future relationships. Perhaps even one significant traumatizing experience occurs. If it has enough emotional weight to anchor it into the mind and then energy system of the body – it will effect all future experiences. When a trauma like this is in the energy system, it is much like a record playing over and over in the background of every day life. This record is always ready and available to be triggered so it can “warn” you of impending doom and danger. For some, this may come in the form of symptoms that produce anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, etc.

For many, healing original trauma, helps the here and now, by releasing the fear and learned belief which is generalizing to current situations. These current situations are often not related nor warranting the level of fear and anxiety one experiences. Instead of “Jane” seeing all future relationships as her exes and searching for the triggers of the original trauma in her current situation, she may begin to experience each situation from a peaceful, present place.

Healing the Energy centers with Reiki, has a helpful part in allowing one to release trauma that may be contributing to stress, anxiety, fear-based beliefs. Reiki is light touch or no touch energy therapy which involves the transfer of very high vibrational healing energy (Universal life force energy) to the Chakras and energy points in the body to support healing on the body-mind-emotional-spiritual levels. Reiki may help to heal the energy that anchored the trauma into your life which supports the here and now healing.

In some cases, trauma can be so strong that it is passed on from generation to generation! In DNA and in our energy there may be energy from our family lineage that needs healing and clearing.

If you are noticing that anxiety, fear and stress comes up around an experience, you may ask yourself if you may be generalizing trauma or if you feel guided to a Reiki treatment to support your healing process. Taking the time to go to deeper layers and heal the energy centers, can have a significant effect in how you experience your every day life – from a more peaceful, centered, present place.


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