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How to *actually* get a Psychic Medium Reading in Sedona

Almost every day, I get calls from people traveling in Sedona for only a day or two – wanting a psychic medium reading ….for that day...and it is 4:45pm...literally (Has happened SO. MANY. TIMES.)

A woman called this morning that I would have loved to read for, but unfortunately, I had no openings. I suggested she may have to try one of the places that takes walk-ins, although many of them are not Mediums for the departed. She was so disappointed and shared, “I was really hoping for a quality reading; to see someone with real skill.”

It broke my heart. Because, I totally get it. Sedona is one of the most super charged places in the world! With it's reputation for powerful energy, many healers, meditators, and readers have taken up residence here. So what better place to have a reading?

If you are being spontaneous (which, I am all for) you may find it is more difficult to get in for a reading than you previously thought. If you are traveling during end of March, April – May, September – October, even more so. So to avoid the heartbreak of your favorite reader not being available, read below for the insider scoop to give you the best chance for a great reading! So, here are my Best Tips for how to get a psychic medium reading in Sedona (from a psychic medium) 1. Don't treat your reading like an after thought.

A great psychic medium reading can provide incredible healing, new directions and opportunities, and much needed resolution. The messages Spirit can provide may stay with us for the rest of our lives. Considering the significance, create the space and time to allow yourself to feel guided. It is better not to feel pressured, or in a time crunch. If you can, give yourself the time and space to prayerfully consider where you are drawn.

2. Like most things, come to Sedona with an intention.

Sedona is a powerful amplifier of intention. Taking some time to reflect before your trip about what you wish to experience and what your priorities are, will help to set your intention. Be clear also in what your intention is for your reading. This can help to guide your choice. Not every Psychic is a Medium (for more clarity, see here). So look for those that specialize in your intention or can hit the bases that are the priorities for you.

3. Consider the atmosphere.

There are two common atmospheres for readings, in Sedona. One is a small area within a busy store front (may have readers that rotate) or the private office of a professional psychic medium. A professional office space is usually furnished comfortably and with privacy, confidentiality, and sensitivity to the nature of the connection in mind.

4. Ask your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit to guide you

to the perfect person to make a connection for you. See which reader you feel drawn to. Some find that looking at a picture of their potential psychic medium or hearing their voice helps them to make the decision or feel clearer in their guidance.

5. As soon as you get the guidance,

reach out to that person to set your appointment. Some psychic mediums travel during the year, some book up in advance. Booking early will give you the best choice of days and times, so you can make the most of your day. You will appreciate knowing that you have your choice of reader, which will put you more at ease.

6. If you are flying into Phoenix, I do not recommend scheduling for the day of your arrival.

Sometimes flights can be delayed or accidents on I-17 that can delay your arrival time or cause you to miss your appointment. Unexpected things on I-17 happen regularly. No need to put this extra stress on yourself. You may also be drained with the time change and impact of travel, which isn't the most receptive state. Give yourself the travel day for arrival and acclimate to all the amazing energy of Sedona!

7. If you are already in Sedona, start making an appointment on Day One of your trip

(or the earliest possible), so you have the best options of times and choices in who you see.

8. Sometimes people may be undecided

if they want to have a reading, which delays their decision. More times than not (about 99.9999%) once in the powerful spiritual energy, they realize they DO really want a reading. The extra insight a reading provides, is the highlight of the trip – one to treasure for years to come!

9. If you are booking multiple sessions or for multiple people,

reach out as soon as you realize the desire. Multiple sessions require multiple blocks of time open, so earlier the better.

10. Call in the mornings,

so your psychic medium has the chance to get back in touch with you. Once their daily appointments start, they may have to wait until their next break time to return the call. Also, if they have an opening, you will be first in line ;)

11. If you are seeking a timely answer,

call and leave a message and you may consider e-mailing also. Sometimes, I have only a short time between sessions, it may be time enough for me to shoot off a quick e-mail response, but not enough time to settle into a phone call.

12. If you have felt very drawn to working with someone

and they are not available during your trip, see if they have phone reading options. Because energy is non-local, readings can be just as effective in-person as phone readings. Many think in-person is better, but in terms of accuracy there is no difference. If you set up your session for the first week or two after your trip, the reading may even help you integrate all that you experienced or reconnect to the energy.

Finally, remember that all is guided. If something is feeling too forced, it probably is. Listen to your intuition and follow what feels right and beautiful for you.

2020 Update: All psychic medium readings with Christina Wooten are now virtual only - Zoom, phone, or Skype Before you go, you may like:


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