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Have more fun with your Spirit Guides !

What is the purpose of life? I know what one of your Spirit Guides would say... JOY! The type of joy that allows the heart to sing in everything that you do This week, a woman I was reading for, called her Spirit Team an entourage. Which is such a fun visual 😎 Team work really makes the dream work ;)

One of the members of your Team, is your Joy Guide. If you haven't met your Joy Guide, let me introduce you! Your Joy Guide helps you tap into your heart's joy. > They can help you when you are bogged down in routine or stress. > They love to help you with Inner Child healing. > They can even help you find more pleasure in even the most booooorrring of tasks. > Your Joy Guide is especially meaningful when you are an Empath and have a tendency to find the Earth's atmosphere of dense emotional energies a little hard to bear at times! If you need a little extra ....

this weekend, your Joy Guide is here to help!

I did an Instagram Live to help you learn more about your Spirit Guides' best kept secret...

In this video, I talk about

Why JOY is important to your Spirit Guides.

How to know if you need a little extra Joy to light your way

Different ways your Joy Guide can help you

How to ask for a little extra fun to help lift up your weekend

Check out the replay here:


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